Gets Independence

India Steps Toward Independence

Mahatman Gandi was India leader towards independence. India was controlled by the British, India got tired of not having a say so in there political decisions and decided they wanted there independence. India had many bumps and turns on the road to independence but one thing they could all agree on is the hatred towards the British. Gandi organized the Dandi March in 1930. Gandi walked the 24-1 kilometer to Dandi as he followed his non-violent laws. British arrested millions of people , that was he first step to the Civil Disobedience Movement.

Hinduism Vs. Muslims

The Partition of India in 1947, was to separate Hindu and Muslim nations. East Pakistan is where the Muslims nations because thats where majority of them lived. The Hindu's lived on the West Pakistan. 19947 is when West and East Pakistan departed. July 16,1947 British House of Commons pass that act that would give India and Pakistan, Independence in a months time. 500+ independent native princes had to choose what nation they would join.The summer of 1947 ,People were on the move in India. Muslims killed Sikhs who wanted to move to India and Hindus and Sikhs killed Muslims going to Pakistan.

Congress Party

India national political party. The competition political party was the Muslim league and organization to protect the Muslims. The leader of the muslin League was Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He thought that Muslims should resign from the congress party. Muhammad Ali Jinnah said that they would never accept Indian Independence. Jinnah Stated that "The only thing the Muslim has in common with the Hindu is his slavery to the British."