The Definition Of Inhalants!

Inhalants are volatile substances being inhaled, to effect and harm the body.

Examples of Inhalants.

Spray paint, whiteout, any cleaning sprays, gasoline, propane, air freshener, felt tip markers, cooking spray, glue, paint, air condition cooler, type writer fluid, and butane.

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Some Effects Of Inappropriate Uses!

Brain cancer, death, skin and eye irritant, irritant to the lungs, slows down thinking, feel unconsciousness, slows down your system, immediate reactions, skin breaks outs, nervous system changes, coordination changes, sound gets weird, dizziness, puking, learning impairments, choking, accidental accidents, brain damage, fatal, burns your skin, eyes run red, and makes you feel different.

Rules and Safe Practices!


  • Use inhalants appropriately!
  • Use inhalants the way they are supposed to be used instead of using them irresponsibly/the way their not supposed to be used.
Safe Practices

  • Keep your children away from inhalants if they are irresponsible/you cant trust them.
  • Put locks on certain cabinets you keep inhalants in such as under your kitchen sink.