Where the sun shines

Living in Mohenjo-Daro

Our homes are made of baked bricks.Many of our houses have two stories and they also have several rooms built around a courtyard.We also have personal wells in our homes which provides clean water.

come try our amazing food

our food ranges from wheat,rice,and chickpeas to occasionally cows,pigs,sheep,goats,and chicken and for our vegetarians we have lentils,yogurt,and peppers.
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our art

Come see our beautiful art.

we use many types of transpotation

map of MohenjoDaro

Here are the directions to get around Mohenjo-Daro

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to get from Harappa to MOHENJO-DARO take a 10 mile ride on camel then take a boat through the Indus River and and a 2 mile walk to any town in Mohenjo-Daro


Tyler Morgan, Mia Roberti, Nicholas Privitera.