the British claim Australia

15/ 8 /2012

who else had discovered great southern land

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it is the red line in picture

who was captain James cook

he was born7 noverber 1728in Yorkshire, Englandhis dad was a farm manager before he could be a manger he hat to attend school for 5 yearsthey wear see the terinsit of the sun and vines there was a sceret papper that said to go find the great shouthern land  

why did the British choose botany bay

so they have food water and shelter for their boat and to hide from the wind in a harbour.

who was captain Arthur Phillip

he was captain  there was 18 Turkeys29 Geese ,35 Ducks,122 Fowls87 Chickens Kittens Puppies4 Mares2 Stallions4 Cows1 Bull1 Bull Calf44 Sheep19 Goats32 Hogs5 Rabbit

invasion or settlement

it was invasion because the aboriginal where the first people there so they owned it
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by Maverick Grattan