Go Green

Walk Ride Share!

Save the Earth!

ASU offers many alternatives to driving and polluting our planet try some of them now!

Pollution is a huge problem

There are 300,000 people in Tempe which leads to many cars, trucks, and other fuel burning vehicles clogging up the sky around us. It is up to every person to do a little in order to save a lot. There is no bigger threat to our planet than the one we created ourselves.
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The reuse of plastics, glass, and metal is a huge part of making the world a cleaner place. The act of recycling can reduce large amounts of pollution from factories and keep trash out of our beautiful campus, creating a more splendid place to call home.
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Keep up the good work!

Keep recycling, cutting down on emissions, and protecting our planet so that our future can be as bright and clean as the past.