Rebound Addiction Center

By : Melissa Chavez & Alvin Arellanez

treatment for substance abuse & addiction

  • At rebound the clinicians & therapists will help you receive highest level of caring
  • no matter how bad your addiction is or side affects we will try our best to guidance to support you to put your addiction in the past
  • you will need to work closely with your treatment team

Treatment Programs

  • Addiction
  • Detox program
  • Drug rehab
  • Residential inpatient
  • substance abuse

a little about rebound

  • RBH (Rebound Behavioral Health) is an adult private inpatient & substance abuse treatment facility nestled.
  • between charlotte NC, Lancaster SC.
  • Decorative Ponds, pine trees, shaded pathways.
  • Each team will have professional design to help the persons personal goals and objective

our philosiphy

  • the best treatment is my body and spirt
  • in you team you will get to know other people going through similar situations , gaining there understanding & their support
  • you will learn how to control your behavior in a healthy way

Treatment Orientation

  • art therapy
  • cognitive behavioral
  • dialectal
  • family systems
  • psychoanalytic
  • psychodynamic
  • psychological testing and evaluation

5 facts about the organization

  1. age : adults
  2. you need insurance
  3. years in practice : 1 year
  4. help out/inpatients
  5. requires license