Intellectual Property

About IP

By Jordan Knapp

What is Intellectual Property (IP)?

Your IP is the information given to websites to locate where you are in the world. Weather radars use your IP address in order to show you the weather over your city/town.

Why is IP important in our society?

IP is important in our society because it gives your exact location for apps and websites using your location.

Can IP be infringed? How does it affect a business?

IP can be infringed because hackers can use your IP and internet connection to hack into your personal information and other things that can affect you in a negative way.

What are some important court cases involving IP?

Kellogg Co. vs. National Biscuit Co., Mattel Inc. vs. MGA Entertainment Inc.

How do I obtain IP? Average cost?

Buying DSL/ internet connection; the average cost differs among the different types of internet services.