Amazon Jungle

Jocedi Paris

Amazon geographic

The amazon climate rarely gets higher than 93 degree F (34 degree c) drops below 68 degree F the humity between 77 and 88% . Rain fall is often more than 100 inches a year. Amazon has a lot of animals you got watch out for the amazon is on the continent of are is Brazil.
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Amazon Animals

The amazon has a lot of animals such as a lot of snakes and cheetahs, monkeys alligators and a lot of smaller animals like tree frogs,birds,small snakes, ant eaters worms,and lizard and there are way more animals in the amazon jungle. The three i will list is the cheetah,monkey and toucan i would pick the cheetah because the skin can help me keep other animals that are harmful and i can eat the meat But it can be harmful to me to because the cheetah can hurt are kill me but i can use its teeth to open things to eat also.
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How I will Survive the jungle

In the jungle how i will survive i will try to find a place where i can camp out at some where where that there are no animals that can hurt you like cheetahs monkeys and i got to watch out for . next i will try to make a fire with moss so i can keep the mosquitoes

away and i will make it at the top of a tree but you cant make a fire up there so you can make shelter with leaves and other things like branches next i will have to find food to eat or kill an animal.