Social Media

How to make it educational!

1. Create a group on facebook for a class

This can help ultimately with any questions students have in a class. A lot of the time, kids will go home and start their homework and they don't know to do some of the homework. Having an open group on Facebook, they can ask for help, advice, and help other students. It also would benefit in group projects, as well as possibly engage students more.

2. Start a twitter feed

A good way to organize a discussion that may pose to be more interesting for children, is to start a twitter feed. Twitter is a social media using web 3.0 that allows interactions in real time. This encourages students to respond and interact, build communication skills. Twitter can also allow people to follow important people in fields suitable for what they need to keep up with. For instance, if needed, kids can follow presidential candidates and see things they say first hand instantly. Twitter is a really cool way to discuss things.

3. Blogging

Like twitter, blogging allows students to write to a greater extent. In blogs you have unlimited space to type your thoughts and opinions and you can share them. One way students and teachers can use a blog to be useful in school is to require a blog based on lecture, a chapter in a book or broaden their ideas. Writing in a blog will also help with their writing skills, it will make writing eventually easier and more fluent. This way they wont have to sit in front of a computer with a blank screen for as long.
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4. Utilizing Youtube

Using YouTube is very resourceful because the teacher can post lectures online for kids who are sick and can't make it to class or a teacher can post a before class video to stimulate kids minds. They can learn how to express their opinions on video and prepare for speeches. They can also create a video project and share it just about anywhere using youtube!

5. Sharing on instagram

Instagram is a mobile/app based social medium that is used most specifically for sharing photos. It may not be a viewed as a commonly thought of way to use educationally but it is very possible. Like posting your own photos, you can kind of use Instagram in like a portfolio setting. Instagram would be best for art students that showcase their work whether it be short videos, photography or paintings, everything can be shared on Instagram. Its a very organized way to show of your school work.
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