Poetry Project

By:Brian Landaverde & Brandon Cruz

I Wish

I wish I had tons of money

I wish I had a big house

I wish I had lots of clothes

I wish I had cool shoes

I wish I had faster speed

I wish I had fast WiFi

I wish I had a good future

I wish I had a magic wand

to make all my wishes

come true.

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Eminem is a famous rapper

He's one of the best

He can rap really fast

Like a race car in a race

He can rap about anything

He's like a robot

It's like he has it all memorized

No one can stop him

He has made great songs

He has gone through a lot of stuff

But he raps about his life

And picks himself back up

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Free Verse


Soccer is all about respect

It involves a ball and a field

Eleven players

And two goals

It's not easy to win

You have 90 minutes of play time

You have to try to score as many goals you can

And defend your goal

There's positions too

There's forwards

Middles, defense

And goalies too

It may be hard

It may be challenging

It may be be risky

But after all it's fun

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