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Glittering Generalities and Bandwagon

Glittering Generalities

Glittering Generalities is a form of advertising that:

  • shows that their product will make you feel better.
  • shows the product will change your life
  • show product will make you a better person
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glitering generality #1

  • shows that with Gatorade you will win/achieve what you want
  • Shows that you will out run other brands
  • It also shows that you will be #1
  • And you will be fueled the longest
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glitering generality #2

  • It shows that its the "best" coffee for the "Best" you so you can believe with their coffee you'll be the "best"
  • States that it is the "best" meaning it will give you status
  • Says "Taste of Imagination"
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Glittering Genrality #3

  • real product not fake like other brands
  • makes you feel if you drink anything else that its not the real thing
  • shows drink alone


Bandwagon is a form of advertising that:

  • plays on people emotions
  • pressures them to do something that others are doing to fit in
  • sells their product by popularity
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BandWagon #1

  • Shows that everyone else is doing it so you should
  • makes you feel that if you don't then you are different
  • Shows quality by stating that everyone buys their product
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Bandwagon #2

  • Its stating everyone's doing it so its indicating you should to
  • shows the game is good
  • if you don't buy it you're missing out
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Bandwagon #3

  • stating everyone loves it so you should to
  • everyone loves it because it's simple
  • it's approved by others making it a popular product