no earthquakes here...only Quakers

What is a Quaker?

Quakers are actually part of a religious group known as the Society of Friends. The first real establishment that the Quakers populated was early Pennsylvania. They were originally founded by George Fox, but in colonial times William Penn is there most known follower.

From Pennsylvania

I remember first making it to Philadelphia. I had an idea of how i want my colony to look but i wasn't one hundred percent sure. We needed farms, good neighbors, good amounts of land per resident, with freedom of religion. I never could have imagined how many people would be attracted to come live in my colony. I walk around and hear different languages being spoken. I see more and more people coming in everyday. I remember being amazed and slightly scared at how many people are now inhabiting my colony. For a while the values i wanted expressed and to be known for were held in place, eventually even talk of slavery is starting. Maybe i gave the people too much freedom.

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