Mrs. McGeorge's Super Second Grade

Week of April 3, 2016

What We're Learning

Reading and Writing

This week we are looking at rhyme patterns (AABB, ABAB, etc.) in poems and attempting to use those patterns in our own poetry! We are also learning about prefixes, suffixes, and root words to determine the meaning of unknown words.


We are wrapping up our unit on fractions this week. Students have been dividing shapes and numbers into halves, and this week we will explore thirds and fourths in these instances as well.


We are beginning a unit on rocks this week! We will learn about the three types of rocks (metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary), and we will conduct experiments with rocks over the next couple of weeks.


M 04/04 Music, Librarian's Day

Tu 04/05 PE

W 04/06 Art, Counselor Lesson, Library Check-Out

Th 04/07 Music

F 04/08 PE

M 04/11 Art, Library Lesson

Tu 04/19 PTO Meeting (Moreau Heights Library, 6:30 pm)

F 02/22 Ice Cream Social (5:30 pm)

In Other News...

  • March was the last month for Pizza Hut's BOOK IT! program. If your child reads 300 or more minutes this past month, s/he will receive a pizza coupon and certificate. These will come home later this week after I check this past week's Reading Logs. In April and May, if students complete 100 minutes per week of reading for the month they will earn a free book!
  • Thank you AJ and Aiden for sending in Box Tops this past week! Moreau Heights collects Box Tops, Labels for Education, My Coke Rewards, and more. We appreciate your help!
  • We've still got seven weeks left in the school year, and we are all out of hand sanitizer! If you have an extra bottle at home or think of it at the store, we would be so grateful for a donation.

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