Super Star News Update

February 22 - February 26

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." - Martin Luther King Jr.

Hunt's Corner

At the beginning of the year, you wrote down your goals for courageous growth this year. What was your goal? How much time have you dedicated to reflection and development in this area? What changes and growth have you observed in yourself? What can you do to climb to the next level? Who can support you with this? I challenge you to consider your response to these questions. Whoever that person who can support you may be, I challenge you to reach out to them this week for feedback, accountability, coaching, collaboration, and support.

Next questions: Who can you support? Have you reached out to a peer this week to offer?

Do your students know their specific goals and have a plan to own and develop their areas of need?

Items to Note

  • Six Flags Reading Tickets: Please submit to Lisa by February 24.
  • Park Permission: Thank you for sending these home this week! Please continue to send home for any new students who may have enrolled after this was shared with your parents.
  • Penny Drive: Thank you for rallying to support the Crowley House of Hope through our annual Penny Drive! Total and winning class soon to be announced...
  • Safety: Thank you for remembering to send your students always with a pass, and to send them with a partner, especially when safety is a concern (urgent nurse care or upset student).
  • Playground: The borders are expected to ship out Monday, and hopefully our playground will be open for business by March 1. We'll keep you posted!
  • Hot Shots' "Morning Huddle": Paige Powers is our new STAAR Reading Tutor. In addition to working with literacy groups, she is working with some of our students in need of behavioral support, in response to student needs as shared by you in SST and per discipline data. She is pulling a group of primarily Kinder and 1st grade students for about 10 minutes in the morning (MWF) and then around 10AM for brief opportunities to check in, move around, and re-focus for the upcoming day. Please provide feedback to Jon so that we can tweak this system to best support our students.
  • Staff Development February 22: Please register online in Eduphoria today if you have not yet done so.
  • Perfect Attendance: Jennifer, Sherri, Liz, Rachel A, Sheyla, Julie B, Faida, Rachel H, Ben, Christine, Tenia, Rosa, Julie, Kelley, Emily, and Mary Mendiola have recorded perfect attendance in the first 6 weeks of the semester. Way to Go, Thank You for being here, and Congratulations!! Please see Letitia for a Jeans Day Pass! (If I missed your name, please come see me!)
  • SST: Thank you for coming prepared to SST, student data folders in hand! When you come with specific data, work samples, and detailed intervention records, we are able to make better informed decisions for the students, and the meetings can be focused and timely. Several of you have asked what exactly you need to prepare and bring. Great question!! Elizabeth is working to develop an informational guide to SST that we will share.
  • Summer School Peek: Sycamore is projected to host PK-2 ESL and GenEd students.
  • Tardies and Attendance: You may have noticed, we are working to support you in reminding parents and students of our 7:35 start time. According to the tardy policy, students will be "marked" tardy after 7:40. However, we are sharing that the tardy bell rings at 7:35, breakfast ends at 7:35, and instruction begins at 7:35. Parents get confused when one sibling is counted present and another tardy, when they both arrive at the same time. Please help us to support you and each other by ensuring consistency in accountability. Thank you!
  • Munchie Monday will be celebrated Feb 22, as Mrs. Noonan and crew bring breakfast snacks for us! Come hungry! :)
  • Staff Training: We are excited to welcome back Maria and Christin as coordinators for our Micro-Teaching morning professional development. Come hungry, Leave happy!
  • Julie B, thank you for sending your students to lead us in Announcements this week. We're looking forward to hearing from Julie Steele's class!

Staff Development/Student Holiday

Monday, Feb. 22nd, 8am

1601 Country Manor Road

Fort Worth, TX

Please register in Eduphoria!

SuperStar Assembly

Thursday, Feb. 25th, 8am


Black History School Program

Thursday, Feb. 25th, 8:30am


Black History Program (Featuring 4th grade Stars)

Thursday, Feb. 25th, 5:30pm

1601 Country Manor Road

Fort Worth, TX

2nd Grade Benchmarks

Wednesday, March 2nd, 8am

1601 Country Manor Road

Fort Worth, TX

Math: March 2

Reading: March 3

3rd and 4th Grade Benchmarks

Monday, March 7th, 8am

1601 Country Manor Road

Fort Worth, TX

Math: March 7

Reading: March 8

E/SLAR Benchmarks will be released STAAR tests

3rd and 4th Grade (Parent-Child) Dance

Thursday, March 10th, 6pm

1601 Country Manor Road

Fort Worth, TX