Hydroponic Grow Box

Beyond tracking and monitoring

For Your Growing Needs, There's a Modern, Automated Solution

Gardens are gorgeous places. From flowers to herbs, the variety of plants available is almost endless. However, if a garden isn't available, not permitted or simply too cumbersome to keep track of, there are other options. The most effective is an automated Hydroponic Grow Box. Using a combination of water and liquid nutrient food to keep your plant fed, these boxes handle everything from temperature and watering, to adding the nutrient food. You only have to handle replenishing water or some other minor adjustments. With these improvements to technology, growing is more accessible and easier, turning into a fun hobby.

A Sleek, Modern Design for Stylish, Discreet Growing

Grobo is one of the biggest manufacturers of a Grow Box and offers a great product with tons of added features. The box itself is 4 feet tall, 14 inches deep and 14 inches wide. These grow boxes easily fit into a home or apartment, living room or kitchen. They are unobtrusive and secure while furnishing the perfect home for your plants. A security lock and opaque window prevent people from seeing inside or pets getting into the box. Suspended coco pods allow the roots to grow down and the plant to have plenty of room to rise. And a charcoal filter prevents any smell from leaving the box and entering the air.

An Integrated Mobile App Offers Over 130 Recipes

Beyond tracking and monitoring your plant, the built-in Grobo app also offers recipes for various plants. Setting the box's automated system to one of these recipes allows the box to handle custom nutrient dosing, pH, and lighting for each type of plant. Using a deep water culture system, the roots are submerged and provided the perfect mix of food, water, and temperature, only alerting you when you need to add more water, preferably distilled. With dual in-line fans and efficient LED lighting, you'll be able to grow amazing plants after just a quick set up process.

Never worry about growing a plant again. With an automated grow box, everything is taken care of for you. Just load the machine, wait three months and then enjoy the bounty.