Marrs Falcon Flyer

March 7, 2022

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Dear Parents & Guardians,

Signs of spring are everywhere and soon we will be starting our final quarter of the school year. It is so hard to believe that in less than 3 months our 8th graders will be leaving us to start their high school experiences. As parents this may seem surreal but rest assured that they are showing us everyday how ready they are becoming to take the next step in their educational journey. We have many engaging and dynamic learning activities planned for our students in the last months and want to remind everyone to work hard and stay focused.

We are having an “All School Read” of the book Refugee. If your child has not told you about this experience, please ask them to share with you what this story is about and what they are learning.

Thank you to everyone who attended conferences as well as our Title 1 Family night that took place during the month of February. It was great to see so many smiling faces!

As I have stated before a huge part of children’s academic growth comes from the partnership between home and school. It is evident by the amazing attendance at conferences how much value is placed on this and I cannot thank everyone enough for coming up to school and learning more about your child’s academic and social/emotional gains. We are a team and we share the goal of seeing your child flourish during the middle school years. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, comments or concerns as we work together for your child’s success in both their academic and social growth. We have counselors, deans, a social worker and an administrative team that is here to support and serve you and your children.

We are committed to the following for every student:

*A welcoming, safe and supportive environment where each student is known and valued

*High academic growth for every student

*Social emotional learning and character building

Please look over this newsletter to see the exciting things we have planned here at Marrs this spring.

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African-American History Challenge

Congratulations to the Marrs African American History Challenge Team (AAHC). The team, comprised of Sierra Thomas and McKenzie James and coached by Sheila McCauley, competed against seven other teams at the state competition sponsored by the 100 Black Men of Omaha. Students read the book "100 Amazing Facts" by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and studied over 1000 questions to prepare for the competition. Winning 1st place earned the students $900 and an opportunity to compete at the national competition in Hollywood, FL in June. We are very proud of Sierra and McKenzie! Way to go team.
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Upcoming Assessments

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Our African American History Challenge Team, Sierra Thomas and McKenzie James, coached by Mrs. McCauley won first place! They will compete in the national competition in June in Florida.

We would like to congratulate Jacob Garcia- Marin for his participation in the District Spelling Bee. Jacob made it through round 6 of the competition.

Our book blaster team competed at the district competition on March 2. The team took First Place in the Speed Rounds. They showed amazing teamwork and have many skills to build on for next year.

We will take a team of students to the district Think Tank competition at the end of March. Think Tank is a problem solving competition where students design projects and apply real life skills of negotiation and collaboration.

At the beginning of fourth quarter we will begin the selection process for the 2022-2023 National Junior Honor’s Society inductees. This organization is open to current seventh graders who have achieved a minimum grade point average for the first three quarters of their seventh-grade year. National Junior Honor Society is based on seven pillars including academic achievements and character.

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5th Grade

Behavior Compact and Upcoming Field Trips

All 5th grade families should see a behavior compact from their student if they haven’t already. The compact outlines expected behaviors for 5th graders. It is important that families understand and sign the compact. Participation in 2 upcoming field trips is contingent upon having a signed compact AND meeting the behavior expectations. If you did not get a compact from your student, please reach out to your student’s advisement teacher. The planned trips are scheduled for March 31 and end of school.


February led our scientists to discovering the four major earth systems - atmosphere, biosphere, geosphere, and hydrosphere. We made terrariums in our unit experiment to be able to see how the four systems interact with each other!

In March, we will be exploring the positive and negative impacts that water has on Earth. We will be focusing on flooding and how it impacts people, animals, and the land. Our fifth-grade scientists will have to use their engineer skills to be able to research, design and develop a levee and a dam as we learn ways to help prevent flooding. This unit is going to be very hands-on as the students learn and build!

At the end of the month, all 5th grade students will take the state NSCAS science test to show their science knowledge!


In social studies, fifth graders are learning about slavery in the United States. Students also learned about our first president, George Washington, and the 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. Both important presidents have birthdays in February and are celebrated on Presidents Day.


5th grade mathematicians continue working on operations with fractions. After Spring Break we will begin our study of topics in geometry. We have been enjoying STEM challenges in 3rd quarter including the Omaha Public Power District’s Marshmallow Challenge. In this challenge students had 20 pieces of uncooked spaghetti, one yard of masking tape, one yard of string, and 20 minutes to create the tallest free-standing structure with a marshmallow on top that would not fall over while being measured. Students love experimenting with this type of engineering design to complete challenges. It takes teamwork, ingenuity, and problem-solving skills to figure out how to do this. It would be easy to try this one at home. We have more challenges before the end of school year.

English only Language Arts

In ELA, as a theme, we are currently working on reading about the mysteries and various wonders of our world. Students have learned about the Grand Canyon, Great Lakes, and other various historic places. This is a great opportunity to incorporate interdisciplinary curriculum which gives our students an even more well-rounded education!


Language Arts classes are having a fantastic time learning about nonfiction and poetry. Students recently finished reading a nonfiction article about a volcano in the Philippines. We are also working on poetry and figurative language. This week, we're starting on Alliteration and Shape/Concrete poems. As the quarter ends, we will finish up with hyperboles, idioms, similes, and metaphors. We're looking forward to working on mystery and personal narratives during 4th quarter.

Fifth grade terrariums.

6th Grade

Math 6 students are working on their functions and inequalities unit. They are learning how to complete function tables, write inequalities, and graph inequalities. After Spring Break these students will start the unit covering area. They will learn how to calculate area of parallelograms, triangles, and trapezoids. Advanced math 6 students are working on their unit about volume and surface area. They are exploring 3D shapes and figuring out how to calculate these measurements. After Spring Break, they will start their unit covering measures of center. They will be doing many activities to find the mean, median and range of data.

In Social Studies students are learning about the development of Feudalism in Western Europe. They finished their studies on the ancient world, and the remainder of the school year will be focusing on studying the Medieval World.

Science classes are cracking open store eggs to identify and get a closer look at some structures inside the egg that might be important for our explanation of how chicks grow inside eggs. They are also looking at different types of eggs to see the beginning point of different living organisms. Continuing alongside the development of the chicken eggs in a classroom incubator, students will consider data sources to explore the function of the components of chicken eggs, as well as different types of cells, at the microscopic and macroscopic levels. Students develop a model to represent the structures observed (cells) from the investigation and the parts (structures) that make them up (a cell membrane, cytoplasm and nucleus). After investigating the parts of the cell, students will learn how an organism can start from a single cell and develop to an organism composed of interconnected organ systems.

In Language Arts students are finishing up Unit 2 which was about Animal Intelligence. 6th graders have made a 6–8-page PowerPoint and will be giving a presentation in front of their classes. This can be a nervous task for students, but it is a skill that everyone needs to have. After Spring Break, we will move into biographies and autobiographies. We will be visiting the library and working on how to use the resources from the website to research important people.

7th Grade

We can't believe it's already March! Last week we had our Student Led Conferences, and we would like to thank all parents and students who attended. It was great to see all of you, whether online or in person! If you were unable to attend conferences, your child's advisement teacher will be reaching out to make arrangements to make up the conference. Don't miss out on the opportunity to hear about your child's progress!

In 7th grade science, we are learning about life science. We will be transitioning into Earth science this month by exploring the rock cycle and rock types. Then we will learn about natural disasters caused by the ever-changing Earth such as earthquakes, tsunami, and volcanos.

Language Arts is finishing up their poetry unit. A novel unit will be part of 4th quarter. Students are encouraged to access Quizlet on their own to practice vocabulary and other skills practice.

Math 7 students have just completed their Equations and Inequalities Unit and are starting a new one entitled "Geometric Figures", which will last until Spring Break!

The Pre-Algebra students have just completed a unit on Transformations, and are also working on translations, reflections, rotations, and dilations. They are now studying congruence and similar figures.

All math students can work on Khan Academy/ MAP Accelerator at home at any time, in addition to their other assignments.

In 7th grade social studies, we are finishing up our unit over Southeast Asia. We are currently learning about government censorship and human rights in China.

We all hope our students and families have a wonderful and relaxing spring break!

8th Grade

Social Studies

Students are in the middle of the Civil War Unit in preparation for the CBA! We encourage your student to learn more about the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln and more to fully prepare for this summative assessment. Asking your student about what is happening in their social studies classes and the content that they have learned is a good way to review. You may also check Teams for extra materials and resources. If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to your respective social studies teacher. Thank you so much for your support!

English/Language Arts

Some of the 8th grade ELA classes created Public Service Announcements designed to encourage students at Marrs. Check out their work below!

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Technology and Living

Proud 7th & 8th graders show off the drawstring bags they made in Technology and Living, whilst the 6th graders display their crafty critters. Such talented students!

Falcon Favor News!

New students are joining Falcon Favor and will be working the rest of the year. We will focus on the four parts of a conversation: greeting, talking time, clue to stop, and closing. Here are some teacher comments about the program:

"I love getting Falcon Favors from the students. It gives me a few seconds to interact with students outside of the classroom. They are becoming more and more confident in speaking to teachers that they may or may not know." - A. Smith

"I enjoy getting to talk with students and hear their good ideas. One student asked me if I had things in my house that I needed to get rid of, then suggested that I might be able to sell the things. Excellent problem-solving going on! The students enjoy delivering a treat, and I'm happy to be able to help them to learn conversation skills." - Mrs. Kathka

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"Dear: Parents and Community

February was a busy time for the counselors. The 8th grade students just finished up high school registration and the whole school participated in an all-school diaper drive for Heartland Hope Mission.

Please put on your calendar that on April 14th at 9:30 in the morning we will host a parent coffee. We will be exploring the Parent Portal on Infinite Campus and answering any questions.

During our last quarter of the year, the counseling department is going to put our focus on mental health. We plan on working with our Methodist Community Counseling partner during Mental Health Awareness Month in May. We intend to bring more information to the forefront and help our kids learn about how to improve their mental well-being and give some tips on how to handle stressful situations. Starting off the quarter we want to focus on “positive self-talk”. Positive self-talk is the way we speak to ourselves in our head, our inner voice, often times that voice is negative, telling us that we aren’t good enough. We want to change that little voice and use it to bring us up and boost our confidence instead of letting it drag us down. At home, if you could reinforce using positive words and phrases instead of allowing those negative ones take over, we can really make some changes in our child/student’s lives! Some examples of positive self-talk are below:

Instead of: Use this:

“This is too hard” “I’m capable with time and effort”

“I’m horrible for making a mistake” “Mistakes help me learn and grow”

“I’m bad at everything” “I can do this!”

“Nobody likes me” “I’m a good friend, maybe they are having a bad day”

Thank you for always being supportive of our school and helping us make every year better than the previous! Our parents are one of our greatest shareholders and we appreciate you!

One final thing, if you have not yet signed up for Parent Portal (your gateway to Infinite Campus and keeping up with your child’s assignments, grades and attendance) please feel free to contact one of your school counselors to help you get it set up."

Thank you.

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Girls Basketball

The Marrs girls' basketball team has had quite a bit of success this season. The Varsity is currently 7-2, while the JV is 5-4. Both teams will finish the season with winning records!

The Varsity will play in the top 4 city tournament starting March 3rd and ending next Tuesday on March 8th. The girls will have a chance to bring home a city championship for the first time ever at Marrs.

Boys Swimming

The boys swim team will be competing in City Finals on March 10th at Burke High School @3:30. The boys have made major improvements and we hope to have more swimmers next year. That would be great!

Marrs Wrestling

The Marrs wrestlers have had a great year and they’ve all been working diligently to become better wrestlers. Many students also used wrestling as a means to improve in the classroom as well. This year, Marrs has been blessed to have athletes with great character who showed up regularly for practice, worked hard, and showed respect for others. This year’s city tournament for the JV wrestlers will be at Norris Middle School on Wednesday, March 2nd, while the varsity wrestlers will follow on Thursday, March 3rd. Wrestling starts both days at 3:30 p.m. Our student-athletes always appreciate an audience of support, so hopefully they will have many people cheering in their corner!

The following students will wrestle on Wednesday: Gilberto Ayala, Luis Barron, Andres Garcia, Miguel Gomez, Rodrigo Hernandez, Abraham Magana, Damien Munguia, Javier Rosillo, and Albert Sanchez.

The following students will wrestle on Thursday: Alex Carrasco, Sender Escobar, Ricky Johnson, Alexis Loarca, Dontel McNeil, Eduardo Perez, Rafael Wilson, Roger Rodriguez, and Erick Ruiz Dominguez.

All of these student-athletes deserve a round of applause for making it through the season of a very physically demanding sport.

In addition to the students above wrestling on Thursday, this year Marrs will feature a trail-blazing student named Yulissa Ventura. Yulissa began as a student manager, but couldn’t resist the temptation to join the team on the mat. I could see it in her eyes almost every day! Instead, she will now be a part of the first girls’ OPS city championship tournament at the middle school level. This tournament has been introduced to coincide with the first year of high school girls’ championship wrestling supported by the NSAA. So guys, you’d better watch out! These girls are tough and Yulissa is no different! She has shown her dedication, toughness, and perseverance throughout the season. Congratulations Yulissa on making Marrs proud!

Behind the scenes, Marrs has a group of girls that show up to practice every day and assist in any way they can. They are some of the most positive and polite kids in the school and we were lucky to have them as our student managers. Our student managers this year were Isabella Camacho, Andrea Castillo-Rodriguez, Jazmin Garcia, and Daineris Ramos. A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to these incredible girls for their dedication, hard work, punctuality, and dependability.

On behalf of myself and coach Myron Bell, we’d like to throw out a SHOUT OUT to all of the incredible students mentioned above. They’ve all gone above and beyond to make this wrestling season enjoyable and fun! While we look forward to the return of our 7th graders, we’ll miss the 8th graders as they move on, but can’t wait to watch the success they have in their future endeavors. GO FALCONS!!!

--Coach Shane Kramer

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215 LB Weight Division OPS Wrestling City Champion - Trinidad Tino

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Music Appreciation Club 2021-22

What? Overall Goals:

· Exploring Music, Instruments, Culture

Explore Mariachi Music genre

· Teamwork

· Performance (Closing Performance)

· Initiate Marrs Spirit Band theme


Monday and Tuesday

· 3:15 – 4:45 p.m.




Students, volunteers, parents

Virtually: TEAMS or Zoom

· Contact: Mr. Hernandez, (531)299-2420 or text (402) 731-7410