7 DAYS of DEALS! (Last Day - Day 7)


Friends, I have been challenged and y'all know that I can't back down from a challenge! I have been challenged to see who can sell $1200 the quickest (by December 11th) so I am pulling out all the stops. I am doing 7 Days of Deals. Each day there will be a new deal and I will post each morning. I made these deals up so you won't see them anywhere else. I think these are the best deals I have ever done on new products.

ALSO, I am looking for 6 people to participate in a quick Reindeer Run. It's very easy...your orders can be for yourself or you could gather orders from friends. It's only $100 in orders so totally do-able!

SHOP at http://www.giftswithkimiradich.com!

Day 7!

TODAY is the last day of deals!

Also, if you collected orders for the Reindeer Run please send them to me as soon as possible. Thanks!!

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Every participant is a winner!
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Ordering details...

You can email me (see below), text me (see below), or send me a private message on Facebook. This is valid to my customers and I am paying the difference! It's not a company special! Happy Shopping!!!


You can also view the deal of the day on my facebook group!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/giftswithkimiradich/