Guard Against Tyranny

The U.S. Constitution


Federalism helped guard against tyranny because the federal government gave some of its power to the state government because then no one government would control everything. The state government was mainly things that were local such as marriage. The federal government was more for national thing like having a navy and army. But they both could make and enforce laws such as marriage laws, set up courts, tax people, and borrow money. There are two governments (state and federal) and within those governments there are there branches.

Separation of powers

Separation of powers prevents tyranny because the three branches get different powers so one person doesn't get all of the power. The primary jobs of each branch of government is for the legislative to make laws, judicial branch to interpret laws, and for the educative branch to enforce laws. This prevent one person to do whatever they want to.

Checks and Balances

Each branch can check each other so one branch doesn't try to do something crazy. The Legislative brach checks the Executive brach by approving presidential nominations, overriding a presidents veto, and they can impeach him or her. The Legislative brach also check the Judicial branch by impeaching judges and they confirm the Presidents nominations. The Executive branch checks the legislative branch by vetoing a legislation. The Executive branch also checks the Judicial branch by nominations the judges. Finally, the Jucical branch checks the Executive branch by declaring of the Presidents acts are unconstitutional and they also can check the Legislative branch by declaring if the laws are unconstitutional.

Big states vs. Small states

Representation in the House of Representatives was determined by population and Representation in the Senate is equal everyone gets the same amount of Representatives. The states with less population were happier with their representation in the senate since it was equal and the bigger states were happier with their representation in the House of Representatives. The Great Compromise helped guard against tyranny.