Fight with Alice

Marielle Shane, Luis Cedeno, Sarah Pham, & Daria Kasuska


Men have underestimated women for centuries and didn't see what they could potentially do. Back in the 1900s, women did not have the right to vote. They had to fight for their rights. It took a long time until the law was effective. Although there were many individuals that fought, there was one woman who believed strongly in women's suffrage and equality. That woman was Alice Paul. She courageously fought for her gender and took more action. She worked for women's suffrage and equality all around the world. Paul also induced President Wilson into passing the 19th Amendment. Lastly, she collided into Wilson's parade to gain attention for the cause.
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Bad Romance: Women's Suffrage
Alice Paul protested in front of the White House.
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"The day before Woodrow Wilson's first inauguration, on March 3, 1913, Paul organized a women's suffrage parade of more than 5,000 participants from every state in the Union,"(PBS 1)