My Future

Highschool Classes/Groups, College, and Dream Jobs

Highschool Classes

9th Grade Year

  1. Chinese 1
  2. English Honors 1
  3. Algebra 1
  4. Biology
  5. Health/Tech Apps
  6. AP Integrated Social Studies
  7. Chorus

10th Grade Year

  1. Chinese 2
  2. English Honors 2
  3. Algebra 2
  4. Chemistry 1 Honors
  5. European History
  6. Life Skills
  7. Women's Chorus

11th Grade Year

  1. Chinese 3
  2. Visual and Preforming Arts
  3. English 3 Honors
  4. Honors Pre- Calculus
  5. Biology II Honors
  6. United States History 2, Modern America
  7. Women's Chorus

12th Grade Year

  1. AP Chinese Language IV
  2. Strength and conditioning
  3. English 4 Honors
  4. Calculus Honors
  5. Biology II Honors
  6. Creative Art Comprehension
  7. Women's Chorus

Highschool Clubs/Groups

Dance Team

I dance a lot, being self taught and I know many dances


I've decided it would be fairly interesting.


I'm not exactly sure they have this at the Highschool, but if they do, I'll join. I've been self teaching myself swordplay and self defense, so this will give me a real teacher to practice with.


(Sighs) I don't really want to do this one, but to get into college, you have to join groups, and I feel this one will at least do me some good.

What I want to Learn to Do


I've taken an intrest in archery and would very much like to learn it, which is why I chose it for my club choice.

Sword Play:

I've wanted to learn Swordplay for quite a while now, but never had the time. Now that I have a sword, I've been teaching myself Swordplay. (Don't worry, the sword is blunt.)

Martial Arts:

Again, I'm self teaching myself, but hand-to-hand combat has always fasinated me.


No reason on this one, I just want to.


I don't really know why I want to learn this, I just do.

Detective Skills:

You can blame Batman and Sherlock Holmes for making me want to learn this.


It could come in handy.


What I mean by "Abilities" is psychic abilities. Believe me or not, I can not only see spirits, but I could bend a metal spoon. I meditate a lot, so I've decided to learn a lot of abilities. like Telekinesis,


Dream Jobs

Fashion Designer

I love fashion and I'm learning how to be a seamstress.

  • 34k - 200k a year
  • Education: 2 year college or technical training, 4 year college or university

Video Game Tester

I love video games, and I have a good eye for catching glitches or errors, I could also provide some design skills and musical help.

  • 35k - 100k a year
  • Education: 2 year college and 4 year university

Enlisted Member of the Armed Forces

My Father, Grandfather, and many other family members were or are in the ARmy, I would like to carry "The Legacy" so to speak.

  1. 18k - 86k a year
  2. Education: Highschool


I love plants, so this (these) jobs are up my alley.


  • Earn 17k - 100k a year
  • Education: Highschool, 2 year college, 4 year university


  • earn 34k - 130k a year
  • Education: 4 year university college


I love jewels and expesive jewelry, and a good eye for design.

  • Earn 19k - 62k a year
  • Education: 2 year college, 4 year university


Still learning, But I can draw in my own style, realism, anime style and chibi style.

  • Earn 20k - 87k
  • Education: Highschool, 2 year collge, 4 year university


I love taking photos of nature and people.

  • 17k - 80k
  • Eduction: Highschool, 2 year college, 4 year university


  • Earn 16k - 44k a year
  • Education: High school 2 year collge, 4 year university


I love science, I'm very good at it. I'm already reading Alchemy at this level and understanding it, so these should be no problem.


  • Earn: 35k - 100k
  • Education: 4-year college or university


  • Earn: 38k - 133k
  • Education: 4-year college or university


  • Earn: 35k - 110k
  • Education: 4-year collge, or university


I am a self taught dancer that knows a lot of dance skills, I'm good at it, and it's enjoyable.

  • Earn 16k - 60k a year
  • Level of Education: Highschool and 2 year college and technical training

Horse Trainer

I am good with animals in general, but I feel Horse's would be fun to work with.

  • Earn 18k - 50k a year
  • Education: Highschool, 2 year college or technical training, and 4 year collge or university


I know many people would find this job unrealistic, but people who get partnerships with Youtube not only do what they love, but they can get paid for it. Even if I don't get paid for this, I still plan to do this, when I'm 16 of course.

People who work with youtube can reel in about $16,000 and more.

My Channel would be an "All around" channel. I would post gaming commentaries, vlogs, animations, speed drawings, dances, horror make-up tutorials, Creepypasta readings, and music (I.E Violin, Piano.)