Newsletter Week 3 Term 4

St Peter's College 5th November 2021


Kia ora e te whanau

I truly believe that St Peter’s College is the best educational option for Catholic students at any year level, because they will learn in an environment where they can peak mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. We have always been renowned for the outstanding care and support of our students, but we want to proactively and intentionally ensure our students are not just ‘OK’ or ‘good’ but are given every opportunity to ‘thrive.’

So, after much consultation, including an external review of our pastoral systems last year that included student, teacher and community voice, we will be moving in a new direction for 2022. Vertical house whanau groups will replace our current horizontal year level form groups. This will have very little impact on our timetable with form time being replaced with whanau time on the same days at the same times. Students will be split into house whanau groups of approximately 27 students that will consist of students at every year level e.g. 4 year 7’s, 5 year 8’s, 5 year 9’s, 4 year 10’s, 3 year 11’s, 3 year 12’s, 3 year 13’s. These students will all be members of the same house e.g. Rosmini, Pompallier, Finlay and McAuley. Each whanau group will have 2 staff members attached, also of the same house. These staff members and students will stay together for the entire 7 years they will be at St Peter’s College. This will allow a smaller group of students to build a strong relationship with at least one adult in the school. This adult will be the students “go to” for all pastoral needs. This adult will get to know the students in their whanau groups very well and will be a first port of call for parents in checking in on their progress and wellbeing.

This change will take place on day one of school next year. Year 7 and 8 students will still be home roomed with a teacher who will be with them for most of their core subjects. Year 13 students will naturally become the leaders of their houses. Tuakana-Teina where the older student’s mentor and guide the younger students will also be able to flourish. Learning Tutors will be renamed Dean’s and will remain horizontal with a year group to add that extra layer of support and they will follow their year group through the years e.g. The year 9 Dean in 2022 becomes year 10 Dean in 2023.

According to two decades of research, a student who has high levels of wellbeing is also likely to have better physical health, better social relationships, more optimism for the future and higher academic performance. It also has a positive impact on a student’s life well into adult life, with longitudinal research showing that wellbeing in the teen years impacts employment, earning capacity, relationship satisfaction and the likelihood of volunteering in one’s 30s and 40s.

We are very excited to be moving in this new direction and as Catholics we are called to build and foster positive relationships, to enjoy social connection and to spread love and joy. St Peter’s College is proud of its holistic education.

Term 4 is moving fast, we have just finished our senior derived grade examinations, teachers are marking these as quickly as they can so students can see where their study time needs to be directed until we get into the real deal beginning November 22nd. Covid level 2 restrictions have meant that some key celebrations and events have needed to be adapted this term so here are some details on these changes:

- Loving for Life Sexuality programme for year 7’s and year 9’s has now been postponed until early next year.

- Tuesday 16th November is the last onsite school day for year 13’s where we will celebrate with a Mass in our chapel for the year group and staff.

- Wednesday 17th November is the last onsite school day for year 12’s where we will have the year 12 retreat at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament with a Mass for students and staff only.

- Thursday 18th November is the last onsite school day for year 11’s where we will celebrate with a Mass in our chapel for the year group and staff.

- Tuesday 7th, 8th, 9th Dec- Year 7 EOTC days. Weather permitting, one form class out per day.

- Thursday 9th Dec- 5pm- Year 13 prize giving and leavers dinner at the Croydon Lodge for year 13’s, parents and staff only. Dux and other awards will also be given out this night.

- Friday 10th Dec- Last official school day for junior students.

There will be no new student orientation day on Wednesday 24th November.

There will be no junior Christian service morning on Friday 10th December, instead junior students will assist their teachers in cleaning up the school, rooms and helping to stack chairs and tables for the holidays.

There will be no formal prizegiving ceremonies or assemblies for years 7-12, there will be no diligence awards this year due to Covid and school disruptions and to recognise that these changes have affected all students and families in different ways we will instead be showing our school community that wellbeing comes first. Certificates and awards will be sent home.

We wish Mr Ronny Kotkamp, the teaching team, parent volunteers and all of the year 10’s going off to Borland Lodge next week. We are so lucky to be able to make this happen this year and thank all of those involved very much.

Charity fulfils the Law.

Tara Quinney,


Stepping back into our traditions

Some of you may not realise but when this school was established over 50 years ago our official school colours and school sports stripes were red and white. So as we purchase new sports kits, we will be incorporating red and white as the main colours with just a splash of blue. This also helps to differentiate from other schools we compete against, many of whom are blue. Pictured are our new athletics singlets.

Tara Quinney,


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New School bucket hats ready for summer

These hats can be purchased for $25 through the Uniform shop available in two sizes.

Sexuality and Relationships Education

Across Term 4, students from Years 7 - 13 will be completing Sexuality and Relationships Education during their Religious Education classes. These classes will be delivered by your child’s Religious Education teacher in conjunction with other professional external providers.

Should you have any questions about any of these programmes, or should you wish your son or daughter to be withdrawn from all or any of the classes, please contact me and we will make alternative learning opportunities available.

God Bless.

Brendan Terry,

Director of Religious Studies

Sports and Cultural photos

These photos are now available to view online at

If your child hasn't brought home their keyshoot number, please ring the school office who can provide this to you.

Senior Option Information

Years 10 - Year 12 please check your emails for Senior Option information.

This is a great site for senior students studying for their NCEA external examinations. Please encourage your students to set aside time at home for study this year in preparation for the exams starting on November 22nd.

Dont forget your water drink bottles

Please remember to send your child to school with a water drink bottle to avoid dehydration and headaches, etc.

Waitane Young Farmers 70th Jubilee

We know a lot of our parents have been involved in NZ Young Farmers. It's great to see many of our student members continuing this legacy. If you were involved in the Waitane Club, make sure you grab your kids, pack a picnic, and head along to the 70th Jubilee at the Southern Field Days site at 11am on Saturday, 13th November.

Laura Thomas,

TIC SPC Young Farmers Club

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Cricket, Term 4 – Please fill in the online forms on Facebook, school app or the school website to play cricket in Term 4.

if there are any parent/student coaches who would like information on coaching to please email

Southland Junior Adventure Race. Friday, 26th November 2021, at Sandy Point. $40 per team ($10 per person) plus travel.

Touch - Please go to the Touch Southland website each week for the draw for your child's team.

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Big picture

Upcoming Sporting Events:

Southland Junior Adventure Race - Friday, 26th November

Gore Pony Club Interschools Show Jumping – Sunday, November 28th

New sports registration and payment procedure reminder:

Once you have signed forms and sporty registrations giving your permission for your child to enter a sports team, tournament or event, there will be no refunds unless a medical certificate is provided. This is to ensure events can go ahead and that the appropriate costs are covered. Please make sure your child is able to attend before signing these documents.

Sports Registrations/ Events/ Draws will be online!

Keep an eye on the newsletter if you are interested in entering an event.

For registrations and draws, please use the St Peter's College Facebook Sports page and also the St Peter's College website.

Schools Apps NZ (if you do not have this go to Play store app and download).

If you require any further information email or come and see Jess Young in the PE office.

Coming up.......

Year 7/8 Swimming - 8th to 12th November

Year 10 Borland Camp - 9th to 12th November

PTFA meeting - 9th November

Year 13 End of Year Mass - 16th November

Year 12 Retreat including End of Year Mass - 17th November

Year 11 Leavers Mass - 18th November

NCEA Exams begin - 22nd November

School Board meeting - 24th November

Teacher Only Day (NCEA Accord) - 29th November

School PickUp

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