Equality and Diversity News

March 2015

Welcome to the first edition of the Equality and Diversity Smore. This Smore will highlight current issues that are in the news for you to develop within your sessions.

This Smore will be updated every half a term.

Equality and Diversity news is designed to help you embed topical issues that are current and relevant surrounding Equality and Diversity in everyday life.

It is also designed to take the key themes around Equality and Diversity and help with your understanding as well as your students understanding and develop good discussions in the classroom.

These slides highlight the main characteristics that E&D falls under. Please use these to develop your knowledge and understanding to enable discussion in your sessions.


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Recent Equality and Diversity news

E&D news from Dr Christine Rose

Christine is a highly experienced and respected equality consultant. She is nationally recognised as an expect in equality legislation and improving equality and diversity practice.


MP's say yes to 3 parent babies

What are your students views. Click the link for more information