Saxton Awards 14.1.22

Rainbow and Values Awards


Rainbow Awards:

Ben Bosomworth - for super story writing - wowser trousers, what a story!

Aston Gautrey - for insightful questions in Jigsaw time

Frankie Farthing-Sumner - for amazing writing - her letter to Ernest Shackleton was brilliant, she will definitely get the job as a navigator!

Wilf Venables - for his enthusiasm and interest in History lessons about the explorer Ernest Shackleton

Jacob Worsnop and Rory Firmin - for meeting the school target - having a positive attitude. they come into school smiling, work hard, try their best and set a great example to the other children.


Rainbow Awards:

Tom Baxter - has his rainbow award for choosing to have such a positive attitude towards his work. It has resulted in some really high quality work and lots of progress!

Isabella Worsnop and Gracie Goodbarn - Well done for choosing such positive attitudes towards your learning, all of the time!

Sienna Leonard - I am so proud of you for getting your pen licence; I know how hard you have been working in order to get it!


Values Award - Courage:

JJ Watson - for having the courage to tell a story in assembly. From Mr Weights

Rainbow Awards:

Bryce Hirst - for amazing contributions to our VIPERS session, using your reading skills and applying them to the 'Astronomer's Sun' film. Brilliant attitude to learning and thoughtful responses! From Mr Whyrill

All of Maple - for being amazing all week while Miss Holgate was not in school - thank you for being as kind and hard-working as always. From Mrs Payne