The FOOD Issue!

e-library for Week 9 of St. Joseph Catholic School

More than a recipe

Dear Friends,

In 1968, when I was a little girl, my grandmother began a tradition that has not taken a break in 52 years! In December of that year she spent a Saturday baking and decorating cookies with me and my siblings while my mother went Christmas shopping. Many years later, she gave me a copy of the cookie recipe along with her favorite cookbook as a wedding present. I still have the cookbook and the recipe card, written in her own hand (see the photo). Granny visited every year at Christmas time to make the cookies with us, always arriving with the dough made and ready to pat our noses with a bit of flour so we knew we were "real bakers." Us kids spent hours decorating, and we still do! My sisters arrive each year from California and join my brother and I (with as many of our kids as possible) to continue this beloved tradition. There may even be a few cookies left for Santa when we finish.

A favorite food is more than a recipe on a piece of paper. It is often a link to the important people and moments in our lives. It is no wonder that Jesus asks us to remember him through a meal; it is no mistake that he used bread and wine to be the means that we can be closest to him.

This week we celebrate food! Food books are kept in many different sections of the library. Looking for books about the food chain? Go to the 577s. If you are interested in the history of food, head to 641 right next to the cookbooks!

Below you will find recipes for bread, recipes from your teachers, cookbook links, stories that feature food, games, jokes, and more! We also take a look at what life is like when food isn't so fun--food allergies. Also included are some of the photos that were submitted for our nature photo contest. Thank you to those who sent in pictures!

Next week: The Summer Reading Issue (Book trailers galore!)

Be good. Pray always. Remember: You are loved.

~Mrs. Moschetto

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Nature Photo Contest Winners!

Its all about the BREAD!

A "bread-ucation"

The fact that yeast and flour are hard to find at all the local grocery stores means that many folks have taken to filling the extra time spent at home on "a bread-u-cation." So, if you think you might enjoy trying your hand at bread making, here are three sites recommended by Deacon Joe, bread maker extraordinaire.

For beginners: try the second videos below from Glen and Friends, Bread in a Bag, or hop over to the Food Network for a simple recipe that requires waiting a bit longer than the Bread in a Bag style.

For those who want to know the science behind bread making as well as recipes, Deacon Joe says try: The Perfect Loaf or abreducation. Both sites work from the science side and are more sophisticated.

Bread in a Bag | Delish Kids
🍞 No Knead Bread Recipe Stuff In Our Cupboard Keep Calm - Bake On!

What YOU have made! Fabulous creations by our students!

Healthy Eating Choices: A Quiz for grades k-2

A short quiz to see if you can choose healthy foods!

WHAT's on the Menu? A Quiz for Grades 3 and up!

There's the dinner bell! How much do you know about foods from around the world? I scored only 7 out of 12! Ugh!

20 Questions for grades 5 to adult

Food, Nutrition, Fast food, restaurants, meat, & more! This food quiz is NOT for beginners!

Read Alouds with a food theme!

Strega Nona read by Mary Steenburgen
The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake read by Wanda Sykes

Cookbooks on EPIC!

Epic has so many awesome cookbooks and food related books, it was impossible to narrow down the titles for this issue. Find books on kitchen safety, books with recipes from different countries, Halloween cookbooks, Christmas cookbooks, Valentine's Day cookbooks....the list goes on and on! I'm listing a few of the books I read and thought were excellent, but go to the website and search COOKBOOKS and see all the titles that pop up!

Super Simple Bar Cookies by Alex Kuskowski (part of a series!!!)

Cupcakes, Cookies, and Cakes by Tracy Maurer

Summer Sips to "Chill" Dips by Marilyn LaPenta (I want the Mango Berry Creamsicle!)

The Munchy Munchy Cookbook for Kids by Pierre Lamielle (very unique format: the author turns flavors into characters to explain how they work to make a tasty recipe).

In the FICTION category, I would like to recommend the funny story Spaghetti is NOT Finger Food by Jodi Carmichael. Find it on Be sure to login and search for the title.

NON FICTION BOOKS: Read and learn!

FICTION BOOKS for the week

Your Teachers Share Their Favorite Recipes!

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HIDDEN TREASURES: Chemical Reactions

Learn about the HIDDEN TREASURES known as chemical reactions. Find 3 videos that explain the chemistry of a recipe.Video 3 shows you how to conduct a very cool experiment with a water bottle, water, and a few other pantry items! SUPER FUN!


This blog post has 20 recipes for some REALLY FUN FOOD! I could not believe my eyes! These recipes will raise meal time to a whole new level!

What you will find:

  • mini jello aquariums (see photo)
  • edible flower boxes
  • shark fins
  • worms (yeah, this one looked gross, but...)
  • marshmallow slime
  • campfire cookies
  • rock candy
  • rainbow grilled cheese
  • squid dogs...and more!

A RECIPE contest!

No food allowed.

You can write a recipe that doesn't include food? Of course you can! When I taught seventh grade Language Arts we always wrote recipes for 7th grade to finish out our poetry unit. We shared these with the rising seventh graders to give them a window into what their next year might look like. It was one of the most popular assignments all year. I still keep my personal favorites in a file. The photo to the left is a recipe Mrs. Hart's daughter wrote for her over 20 years ago, proving that this exercise had been delighting readers for a long time. So mix, beat, stir, blend, fold, sprinkle, whip, fry, bake, boil, broil, layer, frost, freeze, and chop your thoughts, words, and feelings together and see what you make. Submissions should be sent to my email.

Here is a sample of a non-food recipe from the awesome website, H*llo Poetry:

My Recipe

by Julie Grenness

Here is my new recipe

One for me and you,

Peace recipe, you see,

Take a tinch of Faith

A dash of human grace,

Stir in some Tolerance, indeed,

Mix with a universal creed,

Bake with a smile,

Won't take a while,

This is my new recipe,

One for you and me,

My Peace recipe, you see....

NOT ALL FOOD IS FUN. Learning about food allergies and growing in empathy and understanding!

In Their Own Words - Kids Living With Food Allergies
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How To Draw A Funny Avocado