Middle Colonies

Paradise for Most

To most, sunshine is paradise!

The climate was warm but still not quite as warm as the southern colonies.

When I grow up I wanna be...

There were plenty of jobs to go around such as, Miner, Farmer, Builder, Hunter, Fisher, and many more. For the miner there was Iron and gold. Also for the fisher there were many whales, for the hunter and fur trapper there were tons of fur for trade.

Unlike Their North Neighbors...

The middle has great farming and lots of crops. Like, Wheat, grain, and yes you can farm fish but you would need to keep them in a cage in the water.

The Weather Outside is Delightful!

In the middle colony we have cold winters and hot summers. We have all the seasons and every middle climate.

There an't no mountain high enough!

In the middle there were things like the Atlantic Coast Line, Island Barriers, The Appalachian Mountains, and The Shenandoah Mountain.
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Many people were religious in many ways like; Jesus Christ, Greek Mythology, and Buda.