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Introducing the $1K Club!!! This is a club that you can join each month when you have over a $1,000 in sales. I will be sending out a reward each month (something small, but fun) to those of you that earn club status! I am so excited to be starting this and I can't wait to see who will be in each month! I know each of you are capable of doing this. This is just 2-3 parties a month. Let's go for it!!!

January is OFF the HOOK!!!

Not only is it DOUBLE HOSTESS Credit month... But we are able to earn 2 new Jewel by Thirty-One Bags!!!

When you sale $600 from 12/30 - 1/31 you can earn the EXCLUSIVE mini- Diamond District purse.

When you have $1,800 in sales from 12/30 - 1/31 you can earn the Diamond District Purse! This is an amazing incentive!!! Woot! Woot!

We have a New Gives Icon!

With our new catalog your customers can get this adorable heart icon to help support the GIVES campaign. The icon will come in only select styles and prints (Check TOT). It will be in pink, unless you are getting a pink bag and then it will come in white. The cost is $10 and 31 cents from every icon will go towards helping us support girls, women and families! This is for a limited time 12/30 -3/15...

New Consultant Opportunity Incentive Going On NOW!!!

When you have a new consultant join your team between now and March 15th she can earn her $99 back when she sells $1000 in her first 30 days. So now is a great time to grow your team. Be sure to encourage her to book her first 3-4 parties before she signs up so that she is ready to go and can successfully earn back her $99. Let me know if you have questions or would like help with having those recruiting conversations.

Hostess Suprise Bundle is here to stay!

Right now the POP UP Hostess Exclusive is a surprise goodie bag. Hostesses can choose this goodie bag for $20 and it is worth at least $75. We don't know what will be in these bags but it will range from $75-$90 in value and I am guessing retired products or prints. This has been such a hit in December that Home Office has decided to keep it around for a while and this will be the new Hostess Pop Up! Actually sales for this have been up 55% for this option so far this month!

Can I get a WOO HOO?!?!

Love your journey

Fire Up! National Conference is back and it's going to be AWESOME! The theme is Love Your Journey!!! If you haven't been before you are in for a real treat!!! The dates are as follows:

Denver July 18th - 20th

Columbus July 25th - 27th

Save the Date and keep your eyes open for more details headed your way!

Sneak Peak at February!

Here is what is headed your way in February...

Hostesses can get a Canvas Crew Tote OR Fashion Editor FREE with a $600 party!

With a $200 party they can get the Canvas Crew Tote for $20 or the Fashion Editor for $31.

Customers will be able to purchase ANY purse for 1/2 OFF when they spend $35!!!

There will be an EXCLUSIVE Mini Diamond District available (and in Pink) from 2/1 - 3/15.

This special will run until March 15th.

Welcome to our New 31 Sisters!

I am so excited to introduce and welcome our newest 31 sisters!!!

Cathy Barry and

Erica Stanciu!!!

Welcome ladies! There will be a start strong call tonight just for you! The call is at 8:30 pm Wednesday January 14th. The call in number is (605)475-3235 / Access Code 905774#


January 14th ~ Start Strong Call for New Consultants 8:30 pm (605)475-3235 / Access Code 905774#

January 15th ~ Last day to register for February Celebrate and Connect

January 21st ~ Start Strong Call for New Consultants in their 3rd or 4th month. 8:30 pm (605)475-3235 / Access Code 905774#

January 1st -31st ~ Earn the Double Diamond Incentive

Now - March 15th ~ New recruits can earn their $99 rebate back when the sell $1,000 in their first 30 days.

Now - March 15th ~ New Gives Icon available

January 30 th - 31st ~ Team Retreat ~ Fort Worth, TX

February 16th - 22nd ~ Celebrate and Connect Meetings happening nation wide

March 2015 ~ The introduction of Jewel Kade into the 31 line!

April 2015 ~ Special Meeting just for New Consultants and those that have recruited by March 15th... Recruit, recruit, recruit so that you can go to this exclusive event!!!

Sarah Pope

Independent Senior Director

Thirty-One Gifts