Animal Cruelty

Nina Campos

Animal cruelty is a serious topic. Animals can be forced to fight and also they get mistreated by their owners. They suffer a great amount due to all the pain they are put through.
Dog or cock fighting is one example of how animals are abused. People will train these animals to fight each other as some sort of gambling. Fights can last up to hours. These animals get seriously hurt during the fights. Injuries such as broken bones, blood loss, and exhaustion. The fights are so dangerous that they are fatal. The most popular breed used in dog fights are Pit bulls. Pit bulls have the reputation of being dangerous, but they only are dangerous if you make them that way.
Animal neglecting is another problem. There are signs of brutal abuse. There is starvation, problems due to extreme weather, injuries or even death of cats, dogs, horses etc. Over the past 10 years 30% of cases in the Animal Legal Defense Fund involved the neglecting of animals. Sometimes the owners just leave the animals, but there are cases where the animal gets lost and has no one to care for them.
Not only is there abandonment and fighting but also physical abuse. It could be afflicting any sort of pain such as hitting or kicking the animal. Animals with cuts, broken bones and bruises from abuse. The animals are helpless yet people feel like its okay to hurt them in any way.
Animal abuse is a serious problem. They can't help themselves, we need to help them. There are laws on animal abuse but not everyone gets caught for doing it. If you see it, report it. The animals are helpless the least we can do is put a stop to it and not do it.


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