Seal Security Solutions

By: Madalyn, Rodrique, and Chan

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Our mission at S.E.A.L Security Solutions is to offer our clients exceptional services through, successful innovations in tactical security measures. With a professionally trained staff and state of the art technology, S.E.A.L. Security prides itself on delivering an elite array of security measures that are proven to protect your assets as well as staff from injury or loss.

What we have to offer!

We offer advanced security protocols that are designed to deter piracy, prevent acts of terrorism, and allow our customers the confidence necessary in any situation.


  • Professionally trained security personnel

  • State of the art surveillance system installation

  • Armed escorts for land, sea, and air

  • Background check services

  • Satellite Ship tracking technology

  • Internationally renown elite canine unit

  • Personnel Training and Education

  • Defensive Weaponry training

Complete Security Officer Package

This 90+ hour course is one of the most comprehensive in the private security industry and includes classroom and live fire exercises. The following is presented in the course:

  • TX PSB Level III – 40 hours

  • ASP Baton – 8 hours

  • OC Spray – 4 hours

  • Tactical/Felon Handcuffing – 2 hours

  • Weapon Retention – 2 hours

  • Conflict Resolution – 2 hours

  • Patrol Tactics – 2 hours

  • Report Writing – 2 hours

  • Ethics – 2 hours

  • Taser – 8 hours

  • Handgun for Security Officers – 10 hours

  • K-9 Basic Handler (optional) – 10 hours

A day in the life of a Seal Security Officer

A day in the life of a Seal Security Officer can either be extremely stressful or very calm. The task of the officer determines that. Sometimes officers are in dangerous situations involving drugs, piracy or bombs. On other operations officers provide security for schools, churches, or even work places. So, the day of the officer all depends on what task they are on.