Wrinkle in Time

By Madeleine L'enge

By Jackie Sogomo

Preview of Wrinkle in Time

Meg, Calvin, and Charles Wallace are on an adventure in space to find their dad. The three children tesser though space and land on a planet called Camazotz. Will the adventure end with a happy ending, or will the children die there? You will never know until you read the extrordinary book Wrinkle in Time!


When Meg and her 5 year old younger brother Charles Wallace are visited by Mrs. Whatsit, who lives in an old house that is sometimes described "haunted", Charles Wallace gets suspicious about it. When night arrives, Meg , Charles and Calvin go outside, they end up in space with Mrs. Whatsit and the Mrs. W's. They tesser through space and end up at Camazotz while Charles is possessed by IT. Meg finds her dad and they save Meg and Charles's dad and had a good ending!

Product Details

The age range of Wrinkle in Time is about 9 years old and 14 years old. The grade levels are 4th grade to high school. The number of pages in Wrinkle in Time is 245. The publisher is Straus Farrar.


  • "We knew we were going to be in danger." - Charles Wallace
  • "There's always a possibility." -Meg
  • This child is in danger. You must trust us." -aunt Beast
  • "Charles, I don't understand." -Meg


I recommend this book to a reader who likes mystery and adventure. If you can read a long chapter book and understand the main Idea and plot, you should read Wrinkle in Time!


I rate this book an 8, because I liked the overall book and storyline, but in the end it could give a little more detail, such as who said what at some times.