Weekly Staff Bulletin

~January 13-17 ~Week 18~

Tests & Assessments - UPDATE


UPDATE: 2nd through 5th grade

SRI 2: Opens January 6th through February 14th

Testing will take place during library time. Please assure that students bubble the answers on their answer document.

Materials will be provided.

TK DRDP 2, 3

2: closes January 17th, 2: check in January 30th

3: opens 1/21 & closes 3/21

3rd through 5th

Science Writing Task #2

Opens: January 27th & closes February 21st

Scan by: February 28th


This 2nd stretch of the school year will bring some challenges for our students as they move towards more challenging skills and concepts. We know we must prepare them for the next grade and beyond & pushing your students to think critically is alright, but providing a dialogue where "failure" is discussed and taking risks needs a safe space. Challenge your students to ask questions and to not fear failure; as failure builds learning.

Provide your students more opportunities to build a relationship with failure & perseverance as these two allow deeper learning.

Need ideas to fundraise for your classroom?

What's going on this week?

Monday, January 13th - STAFF MEETING

Time: 3:00-4:00 PM

Location: Ms. Bien's Room


I. Opening Circle

II. Committee Updates

III. Emergency Referrals to WI

IV. Appreciations

***Attention ALL ILT members: you are dismissed from this meeting at 3:30 PM so that you can arrive on time to the ILT Mini Institute.

Monday, January 13th - Common Core Mini Institute

Time: 4:00-7:00 PM

Location: 2607 Myrtle St, Oakland, CA 94607

Food will be available beginning at 3:45; the session will begin promptly at 4pm. NOTE: Please monitor the google invite for any change in logistics.

Tuesday, January 14th: Beatrice @ MLA

8:00-9:30 AM

Tuesday, January 14th: SSC Monthly Meeting

5:45 - 7:00 PM

Location: Music Room


I. Approve Minutes

II. Attendance: Truancy & At Risk Data

III. Latest Assessment Results

IV. Safety Plan: Review & Discuss Policies & Procedures

V. 2014-2015 CSSSP Timeline

VI. Updates on Sub-committees

VII. Adjournment

Wednesday, January 15th: PD - Academic Discussions

Time: 2:00-3:00 PM

Location: Ms. Bien's Room

***Collaborative Notes due by 4 PM via Google Docs.

Thursday, January 16th: PBIS & Attendance Committee Meeting

Time: 3:00-4:30 PM

Location: Beatrice's Office


I. Latest Attendance Data

II. Identify Strategies to support chronic & at risk students


PE Schedule for this week:


1:55-2:25 PM - Ms. Ana


9:05-9:35 AM - Ms. Bien


1:55-2:25 PM - Ms. Tapia

*A copy of this schedule was placed in your box.

HERO's Program - January

4th and 5th grade recess tournaments will begin this month.

Basketball skills will be covered this month.


Begins this month.

Mentoring classes are 1/2 hour long and 2 month sessions. Usually, mentoring will be offered to upper grade students. If you would like younger children to participate, please let me know. Mentoring sessions will include games, discussions, role play etc. Principals and teachers should select candidates for the program. Contact me with any questions at lamarrkendricks@sbcglobal.net

Thank you,


LCI Teacher Professional Learning Survey

LCI wants to make sure we have an opportunity to hear from as many teachers as possible about their experiences with LCI Professional Learning, including the Teacher Leadership Collaborative. We will use this information to improve future professional learning, including the Teacher Leader Collaborative. Please take this survey. It would be fabulous if your entire site could complete the survey.

Click below for the link. Please tell teachers to only complete the survey once; the deadline is Tuesday, January 21st at 5:00pm.

Anne Prozan

SBAC Testing & Grade Level Discussion

In order to gain familiarity with the SBAC online test delivery system, please take some time to take the online SBAC, discuss with your grade level, and provide findings to your grade-level lead. This information will be shared during the February ILT meeting.

The SBAC sample test items can enhance teaching & learning prior to students taking the field test this spring & the summative test in Spring 2015.

We encourage you to spend 2-3 hours in professional learning communities (or on your leisure) in the following:

1. taking at least one practice test

2. discussing instructional implications (with peers)

3. brainstorming next steps (with peers)

To take the practice test go to http://sbac.portal.airast.org/practice-test/ Click on the green box.

Thinking of retention for any of your students?

REMINDER: SST meeting, parent communication, and submission of forms are due no later than 1/30.



Submitting Attendance

Dear Colleagues,

This week, we had a challenge in getting 100% of our teaching staff to enter attendance in a timely manner. Let's all do our part and help Dulce meet her daily attendance submission. Please enter it by no later than 10 AM.

Picking up students...

Please pick up your students from recess on time. Time is precious and every minute counts!

Grade-Level Bulletins & Newsletters

Your students have produced wonderful work; let's update the bulletin boards in the hallways/in classroom.

Newsletters: Parents do read your grade-level newsletters that are displayed in the main office. Please keep them updated.

Responding to Families

Dear Colleagues,

There has been multiple parents voicing concerns that their emails &/or phone calls are not being responded to by the teaching staff. I ask that you check your phone messages and OUSD email in a timely manner and that you respond to our families within 72 hours.

Friday's Community Assembly

Week 18

TK/K: Ms. Udovic/Saleski & Ms. Elana

1st: Ms. Superfine & Ms. Hudson

2nd: Ms. Ortiz

3rd: Ms. Perrone

4th: Mr. Mayock

5th: Mr. Reynoso

Happy Hour, Anyone?

We have also decided to hold a Happy Hour on/around the third Friday of each month starting this month January the 24th . Where? At PORTAL BAR from 4.30 to 5.30pm. It´s literally 5 minute drive from our school, so no excuses!



The Social Committee

Breakfast Club!

Dear colleagues,

After considering different options we have decided that Breakfast Club is going to be at the end of the month every Friday to celebrate pay week. Here is the calendar:

  • Thursday 1/30/2014 Kinder and TK (this is a Thursday because Friday is a Teacher Planning Day)
  • Friday 2/28/2014 First grade
  • Friday 3/28/2014 Second grade and Special EdFriday 4/25/2014 Third grade and support staff
  • Friday 5/30/2014 4th grade and 5th grade
  • Friday 6/12/2014 Office staff (it´s not the last Friday of the month but it´s the last day with students and we should celebrate!)


The Social Committee