Brackish, Fresh, and Salt Water


Freshwater is a basic neccessity in our everyday life. We can survive off of briny water or salt water, only freshwater. As water makes up of 80% of the earth's surface most of it is not freshwater. Of that 80% about 5% is freshwater and most of it is found in ice caps, glaciers, and icebergs. Fresh water can be found in ponds, lakes, rivers and streams. Like salt water thery're are some species of plants and fish that can only life in this certain type of water.

Brackish Water

Brackish or also known as briny water is basically the mix between salt water and fresh water. The salinity of briny water is higher than fresh water but lower than salt water. Briny water is mainly found where a river meets the sea. (Hint how it is the mix between salt and fresh water) There are very few species that can only live in brackish water, but fish like perch, carp, and pike can all live in this kind of water as well as freshwater.

Salt Water

Most of the world is covered up with salt water. Salt water can be found in any sea or ocean. Species like the shark or the clown fish can only live and survive in salt water. The most saline open sea (sea with most salt in it) is the Red Sea. The reason why the Red Sea has so much salt in it is due to the high rates of evaporation and low precipitation.