Budget Project

Real Life Application of Percents


Our job was to pick out a job that we would like to have and record our salaries, subtract taxes, and divide the rest of our money upon other things [house, auto health, etc.] We mapped our budget, and did other mini projects shown in the link below. The pupose of this project is to show 6th graders how to create a budget that might be used later in life.


I learned through this project that the better job you have, the better things you can do with more money. I also learned that the higher the interest rate on the loan when you are paying off a car, the faster you can pay it off. The project reminded me of that normally things cost more than you think. Like dental health, sometimes alot of money can go towards that. Or a vacation, you might end up spending more than you thought you would. So if I had my own budget, I would have a larger emergency fund.