Reforms of the 1800s

Ivan Johnson

Abolitionist Movement

The abolitionist movement was a movement to free slaves. Leader was a white man named William Llyod Grassion, also Frederick Douglass was a free slave and became a famous African-American and leader also of the movement and started the anti-slavery newspaper. Nat Turner was a African-American slave who led a famous revolt by killing 60 whites in Virginia.
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Temperance Movement

A movement to reduce the use of alcoholic beverages, alcohol linked to sickness, abusive physical violence of the men, poverty by the men not going to work because of getting drunk, and breakups of families.
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Education Movement

Education refomers wanted to improve public schools, the greatest leader was Horace Ham. Establish teacher training programs, improved curriculum doubted money Massachusetts spent on schools.
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Prision movement

Dorothea Dix was the greatest reformer for prisoners & the mentally ill. Wanted to create separate facilities for both. By the time of her death 100 facilities were established in the U.S
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Women rights movement

Elizabeth Cody Stanton, Lucreatia Mott had both been ardent abolitionist. In 1848 more than 300 women participated in a women's right convention in Seneca Falls, NY
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