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Here at Snavely Air travel we will give you plane rides to Egypt for an additional expense We are advertising air travel to Cairo Egypt you will have a tour guide to take you all across Egypt! Egypt has very old artifacts which you can see when you visit. You will be riding our finest airplanes, heated seats, air conditioning, amazing food. We hope that you can pack your bags and head to egypt at
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Egyptian pounds

Egyptian pounds are 11 cents of USD (US DOLLARS) each pound so if you ever need to buy something from egypt go to to translate your money to egyptian pounds.

Helpful sayings in Egypt

Hello - مرح marhabaan

How are you? - كيف حالك؟ -Kayf Halik?

Pyramid - Haram هرم


They mostly speak Arabic.

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Map of Egypt

Egypt is on the continent of Africa so its very hot and humid at times. Egypt is filled with tourist attractions if you ask anyone what is one attraction in Egypt chances are their going to name one like a pyramid.


Egypt gets around by cars, motorcycles, trains, buses,etc basically they get around the same way you might. They're not a poor country but their not rich.