Getting Started with Twitter

Developing Your PLN

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What is a PLN? The WHY

So What is a PLN?

Why a PLN?

  • 24/7 PD
  • Connecting to Amazing Educators
  • Access to Resources
  • Staying "in the know" on the latest in education
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Social Media for Educators-The What

This is an amazing for all things social media for educators:

Let's Take a LOOK-The What

Navigating a Twitter Account:

Need a more detailed explanation? Check out this tutorial by the fabulous @julnilsmith

Get started with a Twitter account-The How

1. Go to

2. Enter info, choose "handle" (your Twitter name)

  • Keep it short & professional

3. Follow 5 people or groups (see below for suggestions)

4. Add your contacts

5. Add a photo and bio (no egg heads, please)

Getting Started with Followers..a few ideas:






















Find people you connect to and then follow who they follow.

What the #hashtag

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Twitter Hashtags for Education Explained
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