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Parent Edition October 2020

Welcome Back...Under Plan B

We are incredibly proud of the work the students have been doing under Plan C and also of our teacher's dedication to deliver high quality instruction remotely. We miss our Stingrays and are excited to welcome them back to the building as Plan B begins on October 12th. It is our hope that this newsletter provides all of the information you need to prepare for the return to the school building.


We will be returning to school under the AA/BB model. Teachers have informed you that your child is scheduled to attend face-to-face instruction in the building on either the A schedule (Monday/Tuesday) or the B schedule (Thursday/Friday). All students will receive remote instruction on the days they are not scheduled to be in the building. Let's talk about how this works...

All students have been assigned to a teaching team. This consists of 1 face-to-face teacher that they will receive instruction from in the building and 1 remote teacher that they will receive instruction from when not in the building.

Learning will be continuous. The face-to-face teacher and the remote teacher will be covering the same content everyday- just in different ways. This means that everyday is equally important! While face-to-face, students will be receiving instruction in the classroom that allows the teacher to provide immediate feedback, interact with manipulatives, and extend their thinking. On the days your child is remote, they will receive live Zooms from the remote teacher followed by online activities that relate to the instruction.

Wednesdays will be remote for all students. On Wednesdays, the school building will be deeply cleaned by our amazing custodial staff. Teachers will continue to Zoom their morning meeting on Wednesdays for all students, provide small group Zooms for differentiation, and post online assignments to be completed by all students.

Everyday is important!

100% Remote

Under Plan B, you have the option to not send your child to school for their assigned F2F days and remain under the instruction of the remote teacher for all days. You may choose this option for Plan B in its entirety or you may make this choice at anytime. We ask that if you choose to go 100% remote that you communicate this to your child's teaching team so that they can account for and plan for the mode of instruction your child needs to receive.

If during the course of being 100% remote you wish to begin coming for face-to-face instruction, you will remain assigned to the AA or BB days you were originally assigned to. We ask that you give your teaching team at least a week's notice so that they can prepare to receive your child for face-to-face instruction again.

Students with IEPs

Students with IEPs (Individualized Education Plans) are eligible to attend face-to-face instruction 4 days a week. They may attend Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday or they can attend on the scheduled days they were assigned. If your child has an IEP, your case manager will be in contact with you regarding your choice.
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Health & Safety

Before School

Before school, it is important that you check your child's temperature and be prepared to answer the questions on this attestation form. If your child is scheduled to ride the bus you will need to print and sign the attestation form and submit it to the transportation department. If your child is arriving by car, we will ask these questions at car drop-off.

Before leaving home, make sure that your child has a well-fitting mask. Masks are required to be worn both on the bus and in the school building. If your child does not have a mask, one will be provided. You can find more information regarding mask wearing by clicking here.

Arriving to School

If your child arrives by bus, their temperature will be taken before entering the building.

If your child arrives by car, we ask that everyone stays in their vehicle until they are met by a health screener at one of the 7 screening locations (see map below). A health screener will approach your vehicle and ask various screening questions. Once all screening questions are answered, the screener will take the temperature of all students in the car using a touchless thermometer. The student(s) may then exit the vehicle and proceed to the school building.

What happens if your answer is "yes" to any of the screening questions? This guidance document will be used to address your specific situation.

During the School Day

We have implemented the following safety measures throughout the building in accordance to the latest recommendations by the NCDHHS:

-all classroom desks have been spaced 6' apart

-traffic patterns have been established in the hallways

-extra staff will be placed throughout the school at arrival and dismissal to reinforce social distancing & assist with proper mask wearing

-social distancing reminders/markings are present throughout the building

-recess will be guided by staff and consist of games that can be played with 6' distancing

-nonessential visitors have been limited

-Physical Education classes will be held outdoors when possible

-lunch will be eaten in the classroom

-increased cleaning/sanitizing procedures

-students will be explicitly taught proper hygiene procedures (washing hands, coughs/sneezes, mask wearing, etc)

-frequent handwashing will occur

-no sharing of materials that can't be properly sanitized (pencils, crayons, etc)

-increased ventilation

-reverse osmosis and filtered bottle filling stations will be used in place of water fountains

-limited number of students allowed in bathrooms and at communal sinks to maintain 6' distancing

Dismissal from School

We are currently looking to implement an app based dismissal procedure to speed up our car dismissal procedures in the afternoon and accommodate the 6' distancing of students waiting to be dismissed. More to come...

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What If My Child Gets Sick At School?

We continue to have Nurse Nicole with us full-time this year! Her services will continue for bumps & bruises, administering medications, and injuries. She will also be our consult for any Covid-19 related concerns and will guide us in following the procedures listed here.
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