School Dress Code

What should and shouldn't allowed

3 Dress Codes I follow

Shoes- WEAR THEM! The school floor is very dirty and gross. You will look like a slob if you don't wear shoes to or lazy. This dress code will never change.

Prom- IT IS A FORMAL EVENT- I think that its good for prom to have a dress code because its a formal night and you should not show up in jeans and a t-shirt. I think the schools will stay the same when it comes to whats appropriate and whats not.

Everyday Casual- I like casual dressing and I think it won't change in the future. I don't think it was established for anyone, I think people just started wearing what they felt like.

3 Dress Codes I don't like and 3 that should be enforced

School Uniforms- I think it was established to keep a certain atmosphere and for everyone to be the same and equal. However, I think that it takes away a person's individuality and the person does not get to express themselves freely. Lots of people, such as I, do not like that.

Church- Even though its a religious place, everyone should feel free to dress how they want because even though its a religious setting, they all come to feel accepted and be in the arms of your savior.

Tattoos and piercings- Some places allow tattoos and body piercings, while others don't. I personally think that your tattoos, piercings etc. shouldn't prevent you from getting a job. I think that that rule was made because it gives off an unprofessional vibe.

3 That Should Be Enforce

See through leggings- Girls have leggings that a see through at times and they should know no to wear them. When they bend over to get something or kneel, the fabric stretches, revealing their under garnets. I feel like it should be enforced because girls don't know that they're see through.

Muscle Tanks- Wear it to the gym, not school. You are showing way too much muscle/skin. If we can see your nipples that's not appropriate for school. This needs to be enforced because too many guys in school are getting away with what they can wear to school.

Tube Tops- They show your belly button. Girls can wear them any other time, but school is not the place really to wear that. This should be enforced because some girls don't seem to have respect for themselves.