Ida Vaghefi

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6 Word Memoir

Fat, stubby dog is a potato.

Ten Rules For My Utopian City

  1. Everyone is equal
  2. Everyone must act to help the greater good
  3. No one can act out of selfishness
  4. No violence
  5. Monthly reports about everyone's activities
  6. Curfew of 2am
  7. Free 24/7 wifi
  8. Jobs available to all
  9. No revolting
  10. Constant surveillance over city

Ideals for Freedom

As a United States citizen I have many freedoms, but as a United States minor I have restricted freedoms. For example, I can't say what I want for fear of getting in trouble by a teacher, or even get harsher punishments that one older than me wouldn't have to face. As a minor I am biased to say that this system is unfair, but in actuality it is pretty fair. One that lives in a different country would most likely have different views, but if that someone lived in a place of little freedoms and a totalarian government would probably cherish the little freedoms that I have. With freedoms like those of speech, religion, and voting constantly being practiced, it is easy to take for granted the many things that we are able to do.

New Ending for Chapter 8

I looked at the crumbling, colorless buildings beside me, wondering of the magnificence that they would have been in the past. Looking back at the street I saw her again, the dark haired girl. I am sure that she is a Thought Police now. It would explain everything, why I was always seeing her and why she is always following me.

The weight of the paperweight seemed to increase with each step I took that brought me closer to her. I could kill her with it, I thought, I could kill her now with the forsaken object in my pocket now. Because if I don't do it now to her, then she will do it to me in a few days times.

I quickly ducked behind an alley way, waiting for my prey to approach. As she passed by I reached around her neck, slamming her to the wall in front of me. I pinned her there, her face turning crimson against the shadows of the alley, depriving her of the oxygen she craved. "You work for the Thought Police don't you?" I asked not expecting an answer. "What did I do wrong? What made you get suspicious? I hid my sins expertly, how were you able to tell!" With each word I was getting angrier at myself for being so foolish. How could I have thought that I could hide my thoughtcrimes from Big Brother.

I had forgotten about the girl whose life I had in my hands until I felt hot tears pouring off of my face and onto her chest, tracing the curves of her body before it disappeared under her shirt. She had started to struggle, she was scratching herself against the brick wall, slowly tearing away her skin and causing her blood to flow freely around her body. The scene before me was absolutely beautiful, who knew of the lust that blood could bring forth.

Not being able to help myself any longer I took out the paper weight, bouncing its burden in the palm of my hand. "It matters not who you are or who you work for, cause you are going to die anyway," I spoke while lifting my hand. She suddenly became stricken with fear, she started to thrash about while screaming wildly. I loosened my grip on her throat allowing some shrieks to escape her throat.

"No... Please don't," she whimpered out. "I only came to say that I lov--"

I cut her short, crashing the beautiful paper weight to strike into her fragile skull, causing blood and bone to splatter against the wall. "Enough now my dear," I spoke gently, as if talking to a child, "for I have set you free of this sadistic world."

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