See the Culture Around You!

Take a trip to Mexico today!

From what started over 20,000 years ago can be viewed by you... Today! You can see the Toltec stone heads, Mayan ancient calendars, and even ruins of many Aztec cities! You could swim in the ocean, or cruise around the city. Either way, we're sure you'll be enjoying yourself!

Mexico Now

So many cultures have been created in Mexico, and they keep changing everyday. The Aztec and Mayan cultures are simply not the same, but the good thing is, you can see what they used to be!

It all started with the Olmecs, they were known for there huge, stone heads. Some are still preserved and kept in Museums, etc. Then the Mayans took place. They lived in the Yucatan Peninsula. They are known for many reasons, but one of the coolest parts about them is that they created an accurate calendar. But, of course they are gone now. Soon after the Mayan population was gone, the Toltecs or "Master Builders" moved in. They were known for all of their buildings that created advances in time. But, again the Toltecs are gone now. Now, the Aztecs are in the picture. They were one of the strongest civilizations in ancient Mexico. That was before the Spaniards and Conquistadors, anyways. At first the Aztecs thought Cortes was a god, Quetzalcoatl, and that was why he was let in easily. But little did the Aztecs know, he would ruin their whole civilization.

Mexico Now

Today, Mexico is very different. It consists of 31 states. What's left of their culture shines through in their everyday lives. You can even see all the spanish influences today through things like religion in culture. About 90% of Mexicans today are Roman Catholic and most Mexicans speak Spanish. You can also see the American Indian heritage. Many people there also speak American Indian languages. Mexican have very unique practices in their culture, because the Mexican Indians and Spanish influences mixed. Because these two mixed, there is an even called Day of the Dead. This holiday remembers and honors dead ancestors.

Today Mexico government is a democratic government, but it isn't like the United States where different parties compete for power. The same political party has controlled the government for 71 years. This ended in 2000 when the Mexicans elected a new president that represented a different party. Today, Mexico's government has a lot less control over the economy, but Mexico is still considered a developing country due to its economy. This country has struggled with inflation for years. The three main parts of Mexico's economy are Agriculture, Industry, and Tourism. Agriculture, believe it or not is really hurting the land of Mexico because farmers are practicing what is called "slash-and-burn agriculture." This means that farmers are burning forest so they can make money buy planting crops. The oil industry is a humongous part of Mexico's economy. Because Mexico has so much oil, they are able to make a lot of money, and sell a lot of it to the US. Tourism! What you are looking into... (Well, you better be!) Many tourists (like you) go to visit ancient cities where the Mayas and Aztecs once lived. You can see old temples and what "once was". Or, like many other people you might just want to go to Cancun, and relax. Somewhere you might find interesting is Mexico City. It is home to nearly 19 million people! Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and also the second-largest city.