Join The 'Birth Place of Democracy"

The Athenian Government is a democracy, This means that if you move to Athens you will be able to vote for your own leaders and your own rules. Wouldn't you like to have the freedom to choose the things you want? Or have your opinion be heard? Here in Athens we have a council of 500, Elected officials 10 generals and magistrates also an assembly. The Assembly is open to all people and all citizens of Athens, you'll be able to give opinions on laws and decide upon policy decisions. You won't get that in Sparta. So come to Athens and join a vibrant city where you WILL BE heard.

Athens Social Structure

Freemen are all male citizens. At the top of the structure is aristocrats who own large estates and made up the Calvary. Middle ranks were small farmers and the lowest class were urban craftsmen and trireme rowers. If you are coming from outside you may not be able to own land but you will be able run businesses and industries. Slaves in Athens are treated less harshly than in any other Greek city-state



Boys are taught Mathematics, reading, writing, music, poetry, gymnastics and sports. Education is based on wealth and time of birth the length of of education was either from 5-14 or for the wealthier 5-18. Boys would later be entered into military training.

Girls will have little formal education but will be taught more domestic art. Or how to clean cook and housework. They have little political power as well.