The Amur Lepord

The rarest cat in the world!

About the leopard

Panthera pardus orientalis is the scientific name of the rarest cat in the world. Commonly known as the Amur leopard.There are less than 30 left in the world!

Old Habitat

New Habitat

White Mountain National Forest

In this habitat the temperature is about 40 degrees Fahrenheit and the water sources are streams.two animals that live there are deer and squirrels .

What to add

#1. behavioral. a big rock so the cat can makes its home there.
#2 behavioral a lot of tall grass
#3 physical. a cave for the leopard to eat
#4 physical. bushes

How it might help

If the Amur leopard is introduced to the environment, it might help with over population in the environment.


The Amur leopard is on the critically endangered list because of an extreme amount of habitat was lost and Humans are targeting them for their beautiful fur.