The Monkey's Cage to Freedom

Monkeys are used in ways you would have never imagine!


Using monkeys as agricultural slaves and for dangerous experiments exploits the monkeys from their natural habitat.

Stop "Monkeying"Around!

For example, in the article, Is Our Coconut Demand Making Slaves Out of Monkeys," The monkeys typically work eight hours a day, six days a week, to collect coconuts" (Distasio 1).
Instead of monkeys being able to play and be in their habitat, humans are preventing them from being free. The monkey's hours of life are being withdrawn due to human satisfaction. Instead of forcing monkeys to work for hours, unemployed humans should substitute in their place.

I'm Tired of Your Monkey Business!

In addition, the article 10 Torture Devices Being Used On Animals Right Now, "Restraint chairs are being used by scientists to hold monkeys upright for hours" (Trahan 1).
By attaching the monkeys on restraint chairs, scientists harm the monkeys and make them feel unsafe. Not only are they putting them in these chairs to make them "cooperate", this also exploits them from their habitat and their way of life.


In conclusion, human greed increases as does the need of monkey labor. Using monkeys as agricultural slaves and dangerous experiments decreases the need of human labor and increases abuse of wildlife.


The Lion King - Circle Of Life by Cocodayc