News for the week of August 31, 2015

Lab & Classroom Schedule

The LMC Reservations Calendar is best viewed in Google, but a smaller version of the calendar may also be viewed in Edline here.

August 31-September 4 includes:
    • KEC Business Class with Mr. Griffith
    • Government with Mr. Cartwright
    • GACME Club with Mr. Hutchinson
    • Health with Mrs. Schweitzer
    • Novels with Mrs. Flanagan

    If your plans have changed, please send an email A.S.A.P. Thank you.

    September Study Hall Schedule

    We are moving to every three days for Per. 6,7,8, & 9 because there are a TON of students in study hall then. The calendars will be delivered before Per. 1 and is available on the LMC Edline page, but here's today's line-up:

    1-3--Visit every day
    7/8--Fonfara, Mehrings, Mock
    9--Cartwright, Schneider
    10--Michaelson, Nauman

    If there are changes as the semester goes on, we'll let you know. Please honor the schedule and only send students to us out of your study hall once you've initialed a pass they have given you from another teacher.

    English I Orientation

    Eleven sections of English I completed the two-day LMC orientation where students:
    • formatted a Google doc in MLA style, moved it to a folder, and shared it with a teacher
    • created their Follett Destiny accounts and placed a hold
    • created their eRead Illinois account
    • searched Bloom's Literature for information about two authors and their works
    • searched NoveList for books similar to those they've enjoyed
    • navigated the fiction section and checked out a novel for their semester-long fiction project

    Mr. Mark Lamb, Ms. Mercer-Curtis, Dr. Perrin, Mr. Welle, Mrs. White, and Mr. Worthington will return with their classes in January for a nonfiction lesson.

    eRead Illinois Improvements Ahead

    Today I'll attend a webinar training from eRead Illinois to preview the new Axis 360 All-In-One App that will replace axisReader, Blio, Acoustik in a few weeks.

    If you haven't tried eRead Illinois yet, this fall is the perfect time to set up your account. eRead Illinois is compatible with iOS, Android (including Nook and Kobo tablets), Kindle Fire/Kindle Fire HD, and Windows (PC).

    Thank you for supporting the Book Fair!

    We earned $350 in Scholastic dollars, which bought 34 new books for the LMC. The online fair closes Sept. 3 at scholastic.com/fair.

    Sarah Palin, the author of Going Rogue, was the answer to last week's trivia question. The free book went unclaimed.

    Parting Video: Hip-Hop Hamilton

    The hottest ticket on Broadway this fall is the hip-hop musical Hamilton about the founding father. If you missed the August 13 issue of Time, here's a review from The New York Times and the story from CBS:
    "Hamilton": A founding father takes to the stage