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Judaism By: Sam L. and Navajah Carson

Where the Religion Started

The religion of Judaism started up in Southwest Asia. Judaism was created sometime between 2000 and 1500 BC. It was created by a new people called the Hebrews.

Who was the founder of the religion

The founder of this religion was the Hebrews. It is said the Abraham and Moses led the Hebrews to a new place to develop a new culture.These accounts came from the Hebrew Bible.

Basic Beliefs

The Jewish people are monotheistic meaning they believe in only one God. That God is called Yahweh. They also believe in justice and righteousness. In addition, Jews believe that obedience to the law is important. Lastly, they believe in education and study.

Where Did It Spread

The Jews spread to different parts of the world outside of Canaan. This was known as the Diaspora. However, some Jews returned home.