Voice & Choice in Digital Products!

Toni Dowdy & Tosh McGaughy, Birdville ISD Digital Learning

Toni Dowdy

Elementary Digital Learning Specialist

Birdville ISD

Tosh McGaughy

Secondary Digital Learning Specialist

Birdville ISD


  • Understand how to give students voice & choice in all grade levels.

  • Explore resources for student choice.

  • Examine rubrics to assess student-chosen work.

“Opportunities for flexibility and choice assist learners in finding passion, voice, and revelation through their work.” - Joshua Block


is when students are active participants and directors of their own learning.


is when students are given the opportunity to choose how to show their learning.

Best Practices Elementary

Younger Elementary

Introduce tools and resources one at a time with younger students. As students get comfortable with the tool, then introduce another and give them choice between those two options. Model and add new choices all year.

Best Practices Secondary

Upper Elementary and Secondary

Our digital natives easily navigate on-line resources and can search and find how-to videos when needed. Giving them a list of resources to choose from or making the choice completely open-ended will yield results that are varied and differentiated because of student choice.

Let's Use Voice & Choice Right Here, Right Now!

Explore the numerous online tools and choose one that you have never used before. Then, create something that you can show your students to introduce yourself at the beginning of the year. You will have 20 minutes to work on this before we do a gallery walk to see what everyone has created.
20 Minute Countdown Timer

web-based choices

Note: These may or may not work on iOS devices.

ipad app choices

Q: How do you assess 25 different student products?

A: Carefully designed rubrics tied to learning standards.

Rubric Considerations

Think about your standards.

What do you want your students to be able to do?

Design your assessment to assess the standard no matter what product your students choose.

There are many rubric generators available, but to involve student voice, your students could collaborate with you or with each other to create their own rubrics.


How can you incorporate more voice and choice in your classroom?

What changes do you need to make to be successful?

What questions do you still have about designing lessons with more voice and choice?


Willy Wonka (HD) "Pure Imagination"