LML October 2019 Newsletter

A Window into the Mind: Pattern Awareness

Who’s Using the LML Process®: At Home with Our Patterns: Making Life Work Better through Pattern Awareness

By Dr. Christine Johnson

We typically think of Learning Patterns primarily in the context of school, college, and the workplace, but our Learning Patterns are with us wherever we go!

A seasoned educational professional, Dr. Bob Tymann of the East Hampton School District on Long Island, NY, recently shared the following LML experience with me:

My wife Annie and I both enjoy cooking and consider ourselves good cooks, but our Patterns are quite opposite and affect our methods of cooking. Annie (S 28, P 28, T22, C 20) follows the instructions carefully, as I (S 21, P 25, TR 26, C 27) tend to figure out the recipe as I go.

If I am cooking, Annie will leave me to the task. If Annie is cooking, I will do some prep work but try to keep my opinion to myself. We recently decided to work as a team using our intention to see how we could make our Patterns mesh. Our task was to cook Seared Chicken with Honey-Chipotle Sauce.

At Work Implementing the Let Me Learn Process® : Dr. Tymann's Plan

"It was a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, but I still remember being happy with my Learning Connection Inventory (LCI) results. I liked me!! I also liked how my LCI results gave me a way to explain myself to others." Over the years my knowledge of Learning Patterns has bolstered my belief that there are many benefits to be gained from implementing the LML Process® in the classroom.

The Benefits to be Gained from Implementing the LML Process®

Currently Dr. Tymann has launched an initiative to equip his fifth grade teachers and staff with the knowledge of the LML Process®. In doing so Dr. Tymann hopes to achieve the following outcomes:

1) Add Precision to the RTI process by matching the interventions chosen for a student to his/her patterns in a way that helps the fifth graders become aware of their metacognitive process and make learning process choices that make them successful learners.

2) Develop an awareness in the fifth grade staff that their decisions are often clouded by their definition of a “good student” and that LML gives us the ability to meet the learner in his/her own metacognitive Zone of Proximal Development.

3) Provide the fifth grade staff with an awareness of the power of the Patterns as a learning tool and pique their interest in continuing this work.

Bob first piloted LML's three online Courses (The Learner in Me Self-Aware and Understood; The Team Member in Me-Leveraged for Success, and The Teacher in Me - Connecting to My Students) himself, and then chose those specific courses as the primary means for training the teachers in the Let Me Learn Process®.

Dr. Tymann plans to guide a group of eight(8) fifth grade classroom teachers and support staff in applying the insights gained through the LML Process® to improve the decision making process when choosing interventions for struggling students.

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