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What is Miranda?

Miranda is not something that many people know about because it is one of many moons of Uranus. There are a couple larger moons and Miranda is part of but it is the smallest one of the group. Miranda has many things to learn about it like which includes; where it is located and facts about it, what the terrain is like on Miranda and the mystery of Miranda.
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Things to know about Miranda

Where it is located/facts: Knowing where Miranda is important because a moon of Uranus and also one of the largest out of more that 20 moons. It is 80,720 miles from Uranus and for it to orbit 1 time around Uranus it takes 4 Earth days. Miranda was discovered in 1948 by astronomer Gerard Kuiper.
The Terrain of Miranda: Miranda is very heavily cratered. It cold and icy on Miranda. Miranda has the ice mountains that are larger than any other in the solar system. It has three regions that are all different from each other. One of the regions is darker that makes it look as if it were a chevron. The second region looks like it is a running rack but it is canyons that are 7 miles deep. The last region is just rocky and filled with craters.
The Mystery of Miranda: Miranda is widely known for its rocky terrain and no one knows what or how it happened. With all the cliffs and the craters it had to have taken many hits from meteor to make it the way it is today. You can see by looking at pictures of Miranda that the cliffs and mountains were how high the surface was at one point and how much it has gone down. But on Miranda there is heating on the surface and then melting and remounds the surface to a different form.
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Uranus Moon Miranda


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