The Being But Where is The END!!!

By; Kinedie L. Guest

The being { introduction }

Have u ever felt hart brake? Of having to see the exhilaration of seeing someone be born, than seeing someone die in just seconds after a new was born? Well one man did and he was Shan Jahan. It was just a normal day.And his favorite wife his 3rd wife water broke all of a sudden they rushed to a hospitable. Than after a moment after the new infant was born, there was tears rolling down Shan Jahan's face. They where happy tears and upset tears and upset tears. But, it wasn't because the baby was born it was because his wife had died that very day. Just take a moment to think now just that baby boy on his birthday having to think that hies mama died on the same day he was born.

One of the incurable design in the Taj Mahal.

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New Wife going back in time

constuction of the being

Well the reason the Taj Mahal was made is because Shan Jahan cared so much about his 3rd wife. It tuck 3 years to plan out the Taj Mahal but that only got started on it was on June 17, 1632. There where mason cutters,in layers, carvers,painters,calligraphers,dome builders,and many more artisans on the job. It was the hole Mahal Dynasty to build the Taj Mahal. There are 200,000 Mahal Dynasty members in that dynasty they are more but there not consider in that Dynasty because they never came to the meetings. It was 240 feet and { 73 meters } high. Built entirely out of white marble on the out side.


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Now they believe that all cars should be have to be a seer tan amount away for the taj mahal and Also it one of the 7 wonders of the world. It is also believed to be the most vaulable project in the world. It was made over grands of dollars and Shan Jahan was going to build a idenical black tomb just for him self but now they say that was just a mi-thy.
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The Taj Mahal is still standing over centrist. When will it fall? You have learned very enchanting thangs please tell the world and what u have learned about the conclotion of the taj mahal and the art facts and much more.
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all about taj Mahal

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