By: Bryan Willey


"Addiction is a condition that is characterized by compulsive engagement..." one says on Wikipedia. Now, the consequences of one's actions is determined on their devotion to that action. A compilation of scientists have studied addiction for years to result in SCIENTIFIC facts, not knowing the EFFECT it has on one's emotional being. Gail Carriger inferences emotional effects by saying, "... I suspect it may be like the difference between a drinker and an alcoholic; the one merely reads a book, the other needs books to make it through the day..." Everyone is addicted to something whether it be drugs, alcohol, and sex, or whether it be games, sports, and girls. People all around the world have their own lust for something.

There's a difference between developing an addiction and intervening in that addiction. When people tend to enjoy what they're doing, they tend to want to do it more. Addictions can either create or change a person's character, but how they let that change define them is what matters. I, for one, am not one to support drugs or alcohol, but some may disagree with me. Why? Because chances are, they've probably tried weed or beer and tend to have gotten addicted to it. Nobody wants to do drugs at first, but once they're in the act, they can't seem to find a way out of it. Rehab centers and other organizations have tried to help these growing interventions stop, but others won't have it. We need to help people struggling with addictions so that they could lead a happy life.

World Problems and their impact

Nicotine Addictions

Nicotine is the gateway to a life full of harmful addictions. We know it as CIGARETTES and E-Cigs; some as chewing tobacco, but either way we know we're addicted to it. The one problem in society today is all the teenagers are trying tobacco(nicotine), leading to the use of weed, heroine, marijuana, etc. Rehab can't help when it comes to this because if you get off of it, there are always temptations that will most likely get you to try a different form of the same product. The only way to get out of it is to not start it at all. The best medication is your conscience, but the only way to leading a drug-free life is to not encourage the use of drugs and have nothing to do with them.

Impact of drugs and addiction

The Gateway Foundation states that, "More deaths, illnesses and disabilities stem from substance abuse than from any other preventable health condition. Today, one in four deaths is attributable to illicit drug use. People who live with substance dependence have a higher risk of all bad outcomes including unintentional injuries, accidents, risk of domestic violence, medical problems, and death." Not only does the use of drugs create pathways to other addictions, but it kills, steals, and destroys. It kills the physical being of a person, steals their pride and strips their joy, and destroys their character and their relationships with others. One thing could lead to another and you've lost all you've ever known, all you've ever trusted in.

Five fun facts

1. " Approximately 1 out of every 8 Americans is living with some form of addiction."

2. "Approximately 15 percent of children under the age of 18 have admitted to experimenting with illegal drugs."

3. "The average drug addict needs to come up with $200 per day to support his or her addiction."

4. " You experience withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop."

5." You need to take more of the substance to get the same "high" or "rush."


My mom's dad was very abusive to my grandmother because he had an addiction to alcohol. My mom said she never wants to find out I drink because alcohol tore apart her family. The problems we fix can't be fixed; and the sooner we know that, the sooner we find assurance for hope. The only way life can prosper is if we work to let it...
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