Band Buzz: October 3, 2021

Falcon Band and Color Guard

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Key Event of the Week #1: Saturday Stadium Rehearsal

The band will travel to Challenger Columbia stadium on Saturday for a rehearsal. The purpose of the rehearsal is to fine tune the show in the same venue where we will have our UIL performance the following Saturday. We will need volunteers to be chaperones and to help with props and equipment. Serving a meal will not be necessary, but please make sure your student has a healthy and substantial meal before this event and that they arrive with a water jug full of ice water!

Schedule for Saturday, October 9

7:45 Call time for students loading trailer and riding the bus

8:15 Depart CLHS

8:30 Call time for students meeting at the stadium

9:00 Rehearsal starts

Noon Rehearsal Ends

1:00 Return to CLHS

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Gulf coast Classic Contest-All Hands on Deck!

At all contests, our band needs many volunteers (chaperones, serving contest meal(s), hydration, pushing props and equipment on/off the field, plumes, etc.) Our district is the host for the next contest which is the Gulf Coast Classic on Saturday, October 23rd. Please save the date as we will need all hands on deck!

If you attended the Friendswood contest, then you might have observed all the parents spread all over the venue checking in bands, directing trucks, buses, and cars where to park, escorting and monitoring bands in the warm-up area, selling concessions, selling tickets, etc. All 5 high schools in CCISD will be required to have 50+ volunteers that day. The reason that we need so many is because the event is ALL DAY and we want to divide the day into shifts so that each person will only have a 2 hour commitment. As a district, we want to ensure that the logistics for the contest go smoothly and each high school has a part to play.

This year, our volunteer assignment is the press box duties. WE ARE NOT DOING PARKING THIS YEAR! YAY!!! Look for a signup Genius soon to indicated how you can help that day. CCISD volunteers get wrist bands which allow them into the stadium to watch performances throughout the day—a wonderful perk!

Look at how we have moved up in the volunteer world in this event!

Jobs include: Scoreboard Clock, Stopwatch, Press Box Hospitality, Field Liaison, Elevator Monitor, Visitor Concourse Monitor, Visitor Concourse Monitor

Homecoming is Almost Here!

On Wednesday, October 20, the band will participate in the homecoming parade right after practice. Details will be forthcoming, but please plan to come out and watch the band; look at the floats from various organizations and sports and catch all the candy the students are throwing; and see who is in the Homecoming Court. A pep rally will follow the parade.

If your son or daughter has a date for homecoming, they will exchange mums and garters. The students decide when/how to exchange mums/garters and some exchange them after the parade/pep rally on Wednesday. They will wear their mum/garter to school on Friday. Mums can be quite large and are often worn around the neck and garters can be elaborate and are worn on the arm. Even if your student does not have an official date for Homecoming, they may still wear a mum or garter. Mums/garters can be either homemade or purchased. Mums/garters can be worn by band students as they travel to the game and while they are in the stands. They are removed for half-time activities and are watched by chaperones until the students return to the stands.

The homecoming dance will be on Saturday, October 23rd and will be held in the commons at CLHS. The Gulf Coast Classic contest is the same day as the dance and may present a conflict, depending on the timing of our performance. Details are still evolving and will be communicated in an upcoming Band Buzz.

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Band Buzz Info

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